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Appetizer of polenta
Rating: 8
Difficulty: Average
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Added by BABY
  • Add to shopping list100 g cornmeal
  • Add to shopping list400 ml water
  • Add to shopping list1 tbsp salt
  • Add to shopping list2 tbsp sunflower oil
  • Add to shopping list10 g butter
  • Add to shopping list150-200 g fillet or ham of your choice
  • Add to shopping list150 g cheese
Preparation method
Water put to boil, add the salt and the oil and stir Pour flour. Maha from heat once it is separated from the walls of the vessel and spread to cool in an oiled tray. Be smoothed. Then cut with cookie cutter from hominy from the tenderloin and the feta cheese. Arranged like a sandwich and decorate.
Published by by BABY on 24 March 2009
Source: teilor-hihonas.blogspot.com
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# 9
And if anyone has tried this delicious meals as they warm appetizer, cheese instead put cheese and a light to seal10 Jan 2013
# 8
Mnooogooo hu8bavo and interesting will necessarily do it. MY heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS:-) 3 Jun 2011
# 7
Bravo for the recipe ... Today I saw the recipe in culinary Journal (small book) ... :) and set her sought to add it to do this appetizer quite soon ... :) 16 Apr 2011
# 6
At home quite often made polenta, many love it. It's nice to now ready to add appetizer, braised red pepper in a substantial amount of butter. This improves the taste. Still a matter of preference. 26 Mar 2009
# 5
I do not know if it tastes good, I have not eaten polenta, but it certainly looks very good! I think I'll try to do it. 26 Mar 2009
# 4
[Recipe author]
kuciqnova, and I like it as an idea, and the more that I ate polenta, because so far I had not eaten, but the idea is not mine, and I have not done it yet. But I think on weekends to do it. 25 Mar 2009
# 3
Great idea!25 Mar 2009
# 2
Vesi very tasty look. Congratulations from me! 25 Mar 2009
# 1
Oh it seems to me quite interesting. Bravo! 24 Mar 2009
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