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Banitsi - florets
Rating: 10
Difficulty: Easy
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Added by gerganas
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  • Add to shopping list500 g fine sheet
  • Add to shopping list300 g feta cheese
  • Add to shopping list125 g butter
  • Add to shopping list4 eggs
  • Add to shopping list150 ml milk
Preparation method
The butter melts and add the crumbled feta cheese. On each sheet is spread by little from the mixture and is wound into a roll. Wrap the roll of roses. Roses arrange in greased pan and bake 15 minutes until browned in a preheated 180 C oven. During this time, whisk the eggs and milk and pour this mixture blushing roses and bake another 25 minutes.
Published by by gerganas on 8 January 2011
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I think will be great. Steal the idea :) 8 Jan 2011
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