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Caramelized apples with walnuts
Rating: 9
Difficulty: Average
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Added by magi71
  • Add to shopping list3 apples
  • Add to shopping list200 g ground walnuts
  • Add to shopping list150 g sugar
  • Add to shopping list50 g butter
  • Add to shopping list150 ml water
  • Add to shopping listcinnamon
Preparation method
Apples are peeled and cut into boats. Of water, sugar, the butter is made caramel sauce as custard - Take a deep pan with a diameter of 15 cm, first melt the butter, then put the sugar and water and simmer until melted sugar free to burn. Add cinnamon to the sauce. Apple slices are dipped in caramel until it is warm and liquid and one by one they rolled in ground walnuts. Carefully arranged on a plate. It can be served in individual bowls, garnished side with ice-cream or cream of your choice.
Published by by magi71 on 24 November 2008
Source: www.babapena.com
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