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Cheesecake with grapes
Rating: 3
Difficulty: Difficult
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  • For the base:
  • Add to shopping listcocoa biscuits
  • Add to shopping list50 g butter
  • For the cream:
  • Add to shopping list400 g cottage cheese
  • Add to shopping list150 g ml milk
  • Add to shopping list100 ml fruit syrup
  • Add to shopping listlemon juice 1/2
  • Add to shopping list7-8 tbsp white wine
  • Add to shopping list7-8 tbsp honey
  • Add to shopping list5-6 tbsp yogurt
  • Add to shopping list14 g gelatin (2 packets)
  • Add to shopping list1 packet of creamer
  • Add to shopping listgrated lemon peel
  • Add to shopping listtable grapes
Preparation method
The biscuits are ground in a food processor ( or smash). Add the melted butter and gently stirred until the biscuits it borne. The mixture was partitioned in a tray with a releasable bottom (diameter 28 cm). In a suitable container put the cottage cheese, lemon juice and peel, honey and yogurt. Stir until mixed well. Half gelatin soak in white wine and gently heated until a smooth mixture. The cream is mixed with milk poured into the cottage cheese and mixed until the ingredients are mixed. Add the gelatin and mix.
Pour the mixture over the base, evenly distributed and smoothed well. Grapes are formed as a cluster. Other gelatin is poured the fruit syrup and as the liquid is slightly gelled, pour over cheesecake. Allow to harden in the refrigerator.
Published by by zlatina on 5 October 2008
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