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Chicken, rooster, chicken with mushrooms and onions
Rating: 9
Difficulty: Average
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  • Add to shopping list1 kg chicken breast, cock or hen home
  • Add to shopping list500 g fresh mushrooms mushrooms - small
  • Add to shopping list500 g arpazhik
  • Add to shopping list1 cup wine
  • Add to shopping list1 sprig fresh rosemary (thyme)
  • Add to shopping list1 tbsp honey (sugar)
  • Add to shopping listsunflower oil, salt, pepper
Preparation method
Cut the meat into portions. Clean and wash the onions and mushrooms. In a shallow pan fry the onion until it darkens slightly, put honey (sugar), stir 2-3 minutes and take out the onions with a slotted spoon into a bowl. In the same oil fry the meat until browned on all sides, add the mushrooms (whole), stirring to remain on sunflower oil put pepper, roasted onion and 2-3 minutes later put out the wine, put salt and rosemary twig. Cover with the lid and pot stew of very low heat - to not have to add water. Finally, remove the rosemary.

* What is the wine is not important - generally use white wine for chicken, if cock or hen home, prefer red, but I've done it and with what I have.
Published by by nelia on 20 July 2013
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# 4
Thanks, I put that statement in the recipe itself.22 Jul 2013
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[Recipe author]
I do not think is so important. I use white wine for chicken, if cock or hen house, prefer red, but I did and what I ... 21 Jul 2013
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Red, white wine or does not matter?21 Jul 2013
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That sounds great! I hardly ever would have access cock or hen home, but will try it with chicken! 20 Jul 2013
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