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Choco cakecheta sponge with cream cheese and caramel
Verified recipe!Rating: 9
Difficulty: Easy
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Added by stasi87
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  • Add to shopping list125 g soft butter
  • Add to shopping list1 cup sugar
  • Add to shopping list2 eggs
  • Add to shopping list2 tbsp cocoa
  • Add to shopping list200 ml milk
  • Add to shopping list2 cup flour
  • Add to shopping list1 tsp baking powder
  • Add to shopping list2 vanilla
  • Add to shopping list12-14 candy type Elbows
  • Add to shopping list100 g cream cheese - unsalted
Preparation method
Beat the soft butter with sugar fluffy cream. Add eggs one by one and little by little milk. Well then presets dry ingredients - flour, cocoa, baking powder and vanilla. Mix well. Spread with butter nice about 12-14 shapes for muffins. Fill in half and put one tsp cream of the feta cheese, and on him a candy. Covered with a spoonful of cake batter. Bake in preheated oven at 170 degrees for about 20 minutes.

* I had butterscotch candy and put the same soft candy, but with a fruity taste. It was incredible dessert.
Published by by pepeleon on 17 April 2011
Source: Tasty with Yoli
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# 18
[I cooked this]
My were hard before baking. And then a little karameriliraha. 27 Dec 2011
# 17
[I cooked this]
To be soft, but Throughout the baking melt and then again vtvardyavat but otherwise are very tasty!27 Dec 2011
# 16
Hmm ... these candies are not you soft? What I mean by elbows, soft milk caramel, toffee, not hard lozenge. I wonder, why would solidify this candy instead to melt without residue. Or something wrong? 27 Dec 2011
# 15
[I cooked this]
I feel the caramel was hard, but otherwise very tasty!27 Dec 2011
# 14
[I cooked this]
When I was a hard caramel. Although cupcakes are sweet to me most I liked where there was cream cheese and unsalted mine was not.
[I cooked this]
22 Dec 2011
# 13
[I cooked this]
cupcakes are awesome! Bravo for the good recipe.
[I cooked this]
2 Dec 2011
# 12
I did them, but with sour cream and strawberry jam, became bnogo nice :)1 Jul 2011
# 11
[Recipe author]
Zdraveytee, girls! Bravooo Elti are great you received. I am glad that you like personally I do them at least once a week. I tried with others. fillings like cheese and jelly candy, cream cheese and jam, cream cheese and boneless cherry, cream cheese and caramel and others. not remember. All are nice proposal to replace any product RPPW true retseptaa unique know. AA tried them and without cocoa but we liked very much ... there variatsiy try to suit your taste and share. Good luck! 26 Jun 2011
# 10
[I cooked this]
These days accidentally saw stand for bulk candy (of these children where and jelly, and chocolate) that there butterscotch large cubes.26 Jun 2011
# 9
[I cooked this]
definitely taste will be very far from the true (not cake dough and a filling), but I think I will get tasty. If you decide to experiment said. I did not expect to find butterscotch candy (very long time since I've seen them in stores), but it turned out that they have. 25 Jun 2011
# 8
and if you happen to be replaced with sweet candy and milk with water or fuck recipe in this way?25 Jun 2011
# 7
[I cooked this]
cupcakes are very tasty. Lactate and cream cheese (I use sour cream) combine beautifully and give gently-caramel taste (I wanted to have more stuffing :)
[I cooked this]
25 Jun 2011
# 6
[Recipe author]
Yes, akva7 exactly toffees involved (not gel) I had butterscotch or as they are called more caramel, but these are very suitable fruit I mean.18 Apr 2011
# 5
and I like predlozhenieto- to favorites, but you had waited a little :)18 Apr 2011
# 4
I searched them these candies ,, elbows, "but I could not find them.What are these fruit-something like the Munchkins you?I examined the site of Yoli and everything I liked, but it works with a very good technique and some of its products are imported.So that it will not replace my discomfort with similar products. 17 Apr 2011
# 3
sounds very, very tasty! I'll try to do them soon. Bravo! 17 Apr 2011
# 2
[Recipe author]
Thank you tillia! Genuine compliments are only for Yoli, because to be honest I do not eat sweets for health reasons, but it neshtooo took my wits. Incredible cake. I made only half dose because not enough cake shapes was a big mistake and ate them for a few minutes, I could barely snapped one second before being eaten. Try really worth it. I guarantee! I just replaced the candy with fruit but I think that is even more delicious chocolate cake is combined well with the strawberry taste the sweets. Once again admiratsiy for Yoli. (I do not know how to thank her personally for this take from here). 17 Apr 2011
# 1
Another of Yoli yummy! Petya, congratulations on shared recipe and most importantly - that he did it and shoot! Directly to your Favorites! 17 Apr 2011
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