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Chocolate squares with rum and raisins
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Added by steffanell
  • Add to shopping list60 ml rum
  • Add to shopping list1/2 cup raisins
  • Add to shopping list400 g of dark chocolate
  • Add to shopping list400 g of sweetened condensed milk
  • Add to shopping list50 g butter
Preparation method
Mix the rum and raisins in a bowl and leave for 1 hour to soak. Then chocolate milk and the butter is heated on the steam bath (put in a fireproof container, which put on a pot of water on the stove, and the court with chocolate should not touch the water, but only heated steam). Stir constantly until the chocolate is melted and a few minutes later, without being removed from the prana bath, chocolate mixture should become smooth and shiny. Add the raisins with the rum and stir again. The mixture is poured into the littered with baking paper square baking dish with sides 20 cm and smoothed top. Allow to cool at room temperature for a while and then placed for several hours in a refrigerator to set. Ready, cut into squares and serve.
Published by by xevi on 12 April 2010
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# 4
[Recipe author]
Very well, you think to put him and nuts, I'm glad you liked the recipe. Image is very tempting :) 12 Feb 2014
# 3
[I cooked this]
The recipe is easy to implement and get a real chocolate temptation with the scent of rum. I added the almonds and dried cranberries. Thus refreshed old chocolate which has long stood in the refrigerator. Hevi thanks for the recipe will be done often.
[I cooked this]
11 Feb 2014
# 2
[Recipe author]
When tightening the mixture becomes firm enough to cut into pieces - so I do not think it would be suitable for glaze.18 Apr 2013
# 1
That sounds great! Will definitely try! And can it be used as a glaze for cakes? 18 Apr 2013
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