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Colorful muffins with pumpkin
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Difficulty: Easy
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Added by renito
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  • Add to shopping list300 g pumpkin
  • Add to shopping list2 eggs
  • Add to shopping list1 cup sugar + 1 tbsp vanilla sugar
  • Add to shopping list1/4 cup sunflower oil
  • Add to shopping list1 and 3/4 cup flour
  • Add to shopping list10 g baking powder
  • Add to shopping list100-120 g chocolate
  • Add to shopping list20 g butter
  • Add to shopping listpinch of salt
Preparation method
Approximately 280-300 g pumpkin is boiled and passaged. Transfer the pumpkin in a convenient container and to it add the eggs, the oil, sugar and vanilla sugar (vanilla sugar can be replaced with essence or plain vanilla). Once we mix well with mixer, gradually add flour mixed with baking powder and salt. Ready mix divide into two equal parts. Break the chocolate together with the butter melting it (preferably in a water bath). Add the melted chocolate to one of the two mixtures and mix well. Format muffins rotate spoon with white spoon of brown mixture. Bake in preheated oven at 180C degrees around 25-30minuti. For sure check with a toothpick if the muffins are ready.

* Chocolate can be substituted with 2-3 tbsp cocoa, as in this case and miss the butter.
Published by by peach on 5 January 2014
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# 3
[I cooked this]
I do not have forms for muffins and baked in a baking dish (28 cm), but became gletavo. Otherwise, the taste is very nice. Except boiled pumpkin in caramel syrup (caramel and covered with water to cover the pieces of pumpkin). Next time will prepare shapes to really enjoy these muffins.
[I cooked this]
6 Nov 2014
# 2
[I cooked this]
Thanks for the recipe! Like us! Not Peko in mono muffins, and in pan. Instead of chocolate and cocoa butter used.
[I cooked this]
20 Oct 2014
# 1
[I cooked this]
They became great! I put one nut nut inside before you put them to bake.
[I cooked this]
23 Feb 2014
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