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Language with wine sauce
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Difficulty: Easy
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Added by milena75
  • Add to shopping list1 beef tongue
  • Add to shopping list50 g of dried mushrooms
  • Add to shopping list1 onion
  • Add to shopping list10-12 peppercorns
  • Add to shopping list1 bay leaf
  • Add to shopping list3-4 Allspice
  • For the sauce:
  • Add to shopping list500 ml broth
  • Add to shopping list200 ml wine
  • Add to shopping list200 g stewed mushrooms
  • Add to shopping list3 tbsp cream
  • Add to shopping list2 tbsp flour
  • Add to shopping listpepper
  • Add to shopping listsalt
Preparation method
Language boiled with onions, dried mushrooms, bay leaf, allspice and black pepper. When ready to remove, peel and cut into pieces and arrange in court. Strain broth. Mix the flour with a little cold water and added to the boiling broth. Add cream, stewed mushrooms, wine, pepper and salt. With the resulting sauce pour pieces language and serve.
Published by by BABY on 26 October 2008
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