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Layered cake Garash in Troyan
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Added by Gatitaneli
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  • Add to shopping list9 eggs
  • Add to shopping list3 cups ground walnuts
  • Add to shopping list1 and 1/2 cup sugar crystals
  • Add to shopping list1 cup powdered sugar
  • Add to shopping list125 g butter
  • Add to shopping list3 tbsp cocoa
  • Add to shopping list90 g chocolate
  • Add to shopping list1 tbsp sunflower oil
Preparation method
3 Bake the base. Preparation of the base:
We spend 3 yolks from egg whites and whipping with 1/2 cup sugar crystals. Stir to afford the snow. We conclude with a blender for this base. Add 1 cup ground walnuts and mix gently with a spoon. Pour the prepared mixture carefully in pre-greased pan with sunflower oil and covered with baking paper tray. Bake at 200C until it becomes colored macaroons. So make and bake three the base.

For the cream:
Stir 9 yolk at a time with the butter (to be sat at room temperature, not solid), 1 cup powdered sugar and cocoa. Beat well until a homogeneous mixture.

Queuing up base, cream, base, cream, base, cream. Refrigerated, during which time the melted chocolate broken into pieces 1 tbsp sunflower oil in a water bath. Once the cake has cooled down a bit and tighten the melted chocolate, pour the entire cake everywhere. We leave in the refrigerator to cool. It is good to eat the next day. Optional top can be decked with coconut.
Published by by krasta_vica on 24 January 2012
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# 25
Hello, could you tell me how long roughly bake latter must not, that I do me no terms like "eye" and "to stand" :) Thanks in advance for your reply :)16 Nov 2014
# 24
recipe I liked because it is quick and easy. I think it a try and I want to ask 1 h. H of how many grams equals? Thank you! 10 Aug 2014
# 23
[I cooked this]
The recipe is very simple to implement and to taste the cake is incredible. Proportions in the recipe followed exactly as described. The latter must not only not broken down separately, broken down products of the three ponds and baked them in three separate marshes. Thanks for the recipe! Will often do.
[I cooked this]
1 Jun 2014
# 22
This is my pavomayska cake recipe because I gave it away. Is incredibly delicious. 30 Dec 2012
# 21
[I cooked this]
Wow, how delicious! This piece comes to bite him! Enjoy your meal! 22 May 2012
# 20
[I cooked this]
The cake was great too! and as promised, here are the photos :)
[I cooked this]
22 May 2012
# 19
[I cooked this]
I think today it do wish me success ... if he pleased made, surely there will be pictures :)21 May 2012
# 18
bravo :) Aliana is awesome pictures are amazing19 Mar 2012
# 17
[Recipe author]
I'm glad you liked Rally. Made her amazing with this decoration. Thanks for the pictures that I never found the time to do. 16 Mar 2012
# 16
[I cooked this]
Before little cake was cut and awarded with great care! Very, very tasty, and very elegant with this saturated chocolate color! Thanks for the recipe, Vesi! 16 Mar 2012
# 15
Thanks for Appendix I really want to do these days :)12 Mar 2012
# 14
Raleigh, you Friday I am on Saturday and still not know what cake to stop, maybe I will choose this because it is easy.11 Mar 2012
# 13
[I cooked this]
Friday is my birthday, I'm going to celebrate further, but such a cake for colleagues can not ignore it! How long to wait I ever occasion! Again swallow often often ... 11 Mar 2012
# 12
I do so for example a recipe 9 egg yolks with the sugar bowl put in a small saucepan on the stove on the lowest level, mix with mixer until fluffy white cream. Leave to cool and stir from time to time and put in the fridge for more quickly. Broken oils to add up the cold custard. 11 Mar 2012
# 11
Will you tell me a little more detail how to make cream but I want to do with this heat treatment of egg yolks, raw not want to put that great desire I have here a few days it sets up this Pastry advance thank you very much. 11 Mar 2012
# 10
October Aliana but I will keep very busy life, but as soon as I will be on line :)1 Mar 2012
# 9
[I cooked this]
makes it the same recipe, with the difference that add to the cream and melted chocolate. I use it not only to adhere latter must, but also spreads the cake. My pictures are not very beautiful, because this time I made a rectangular cake, cut it to three lanes and I shaped pastries. The recipe is really good.
[I cooked this]
25 Feb 2012
# 8
[I cooked this]
Linda, I suggest you to make and upload a picture :) My occasions are all in the next two months, so now I pass. But will expect your picture :) 25 Jan 2012
# 7
as I like the recipe but did not upload a photo someone do it?25 Jan 2012
# 6
[I cooked this]
Thanks :) Again learned something new, you're super!24 Jan 2012
# 5
to become tight and fluffy and tighten the oil, this cream had a name I do not remember now and so the yolks pass thermal processing.24 Jan 2012
# 4
[I cooked this]
Hmm, and that is the idea, Flower. Firmer cream so you become? 24 Jan 2012
# 3
cream with the egg yolks do them this way-yolks with sugar break them low temperature on the stove, stirring with a mixer until a white cream, whip the butter and add to the already iztinalite yolks, cream becomes incredibly delicious and egg yolks pass through the fire! 24 Jan 2012
# 2
[Recipe author]
Aliana, rules I have repeatedly becomes great. Chocolate topping only cover so as to cover the cake. Therefore should not be too liquid to spill and allow to covered. The cake is not as thick and width is not large. Baking pan is about 32 cm wide. Photos I have not done, but rather will do and will get. 24 Jan 2012
# 1
[I cooked this]
sounds very well this cake. I wonder whether the only '90 chocolate with 1 tablespoon oil will be able to cover the entire cake. Did you get it? Do you have pictures?
[I cooked this]
24 Jan 2012
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