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Lunch for 2 minutes
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Difficulty: Easy
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Added by ani4ka12
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  • Add to shopping list2 eggs
  • Add to shopping list20 g ham
  • Add to shopping list20 g cheese
  • Add to shopping list1 tomato
  • Add to shopping listparsley
  • Add to shopping listoil
  • Add to shopping list2 pieces fresh foil - suitable for use in microwave or plastic bag
Preparation method
Two bowls poured on water and 4-5 tbsp top is placed fthe oil, to obtain a well. Spot few drops of sunflower oil or olive oil and clicks on an egg in fthe oil. Add chopped into small cubes of tomato, bacon and cheese. Sprinkle with parsley and salt it. The ends of fthe oil collected up and twisted. The glasses are placed together in a microwave oven and bake 2 minutes at 80% power.

* If that bothers you use a microwave oven, heat water on the stove in her play bundles prepared for a minute or two (depending on how you like soft-boiled egg yolks are).
* Fthe oil easily unfolds and egg-pashot transferred to a plate.
Published by by perunika on 29 October 2013
Source: http://sladkoisoleno.blogspot.com/2012/10/2.html
nomination for competitionNominated for Recipe of the month November '13 [Salads and appetizers]
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I have prepared a quick lunch child until your meal is ready to eat.7 Feb 2014
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Thank tonight prepared them for dinner, it was obvious that it would be prepared because often little loves eggs and those and liked last night.21 Nov 2013
# 20
[Recipe author]
Ani4ka12 glad that I was delicious! :) 20 Nov 2013
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[I cooked this]
It is very tasty made a sample, but something went very tasty. Fast, easy, and tasty thanks for the recipe, and she goes to favorites.
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20 Nov 2013
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Ivka, thank you for your trust! :) I am very happy that you have been delicious! Appetizing photos you've done! :) 31 Oct 2013
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I have just prepared a to try . And ... very tasty. Thanks for the recipe. Often you will be doing.
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31 Oct 2013
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Daniela02, turned your suggestion in the recipe! Thank you :) 30 Oct 2013
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There is nothing to worry about, the heat treatment the film releases poison emphasized this to pay attention to the packaging to the guideline that can be used for microwave oven. The recipe is very nice and interesting proposal. And for themselves ovens was broadcast on Italian television and proved that they are not harmful. Sponge disinfects as put it wet for 1 minute in the microwave kills any germs. 30 Oct 2013
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I watched this recipe 24 kitchen Joly made the eggs and boil them in water vrya6ta.30 Oct 2013
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daniela02, good is your idea :)30 Oct 2013
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instead of worrying about the film, put on the stove to boil water and put sachets for 2-3 minutes.30 Oct 2013
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[Recipe author]
After the comments of flowers, the use of foil in a microwave oven is porazrovih in the net and came across a site that offers film specifically for microwave! I enclose a link http://www.apta.bg/product/406/mitra-folio-za-mikrovalnova-20-m.html 30 Oct 2013
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Thanks for the information, girls! :) Additions am recipe. 30 Oct 2013
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On my film says that it is safe for use in microwave, it may be well to mention in the recipe to check the package directions. Otherwise, the recipe reminds me of Яйца Harmony in chaos , but faster and richer :) 30 Oct 2013
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Folio for fresh preserved (transparent kitchen foil) ClingFilm of each package warn eating warmed in a microwave oven NOT COVERED WITH HIM-released poison. There are bags for conventional ovens and microwave in / bag in the package says. 29 Oct 2013
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Many thanks for your quick response and advice!29 Oct 2013
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[Recipe author]
film which I had proved too closely and prepared the eggs in a pouch. No problem! :) If you worry do like me: first experience with two eggs and then act boldly with others! :) Just to let you clarify something else bundles that get after you put all products and usuchesh film must swim in the water. 29 Oct 2013
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Gerry, absolute rights for aluminum foil. For this recipe, but using fresh affiliates stored (transparent kitchen foil)! View original recipe, step by step in the source that I have suggested. ! 29 Oct 2013
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A plastic bag Does not melt?29 Oct 2013
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iris, I far as I know aluminum foil is not put in the microwave (as well as metal objects and those with silver and gold ornaments on them). Could be wrong, but is not it dangerous? 29 Oct 2013
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Thank you, Reni! Hard - I was shooting great snap fell, these white eggs ... :) :) :) 29 Oct 2013
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terrific offer, Pepi! Fast, easy and very tasty guess! 29 Oct 2013
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