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Muffins with cocoa and raisins
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Added by pipilota
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  • Add to shopping list1 1/2 cups flour
  • Add to shopping list1 cup sugar
  • Add to shopping list10 g baking powder with vanilla
  • Add to shopping list2 tsp cocoa
  • Add to shopping list1 egg
  • Add to shopping list1/2 cup sunflower oil
  • Add to shopping list1/2 cup lukewarm water
  • Add to shopping list30 g raisins
  • Add to shopping list1 natives (baykalche) or a few pieces of chocolate
Preparation method
Mix separate dry and wet ingredients separately. Then he joined carefully and mix well. Put raisins and grated natives and again mix. For each muffin discharged in about 3 tbsp of the mixture. Bake in a preheated oven at 160-180 C until ready (check with a stick, which should come out dry). Already prepared and chilled, sprinkled with powdered sugar or pour topping or melted chocolate.
Published by by magi71 on 10 January 2010
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# 29
[I cooked this]
I love raisins recipe is great, were very tasty. I allowed myself to them decorated with chocolate cream, and I got shot.
[I cooked this]
13 Oct 2014
# 28
[I cooked this]
Thanks for the recipe is great! Were very tasty muffins :)
[I cooked this]
4 May 2014
# 27
[Recipe author]
gave the earth with silicone forms much easier happens to them :)31 Jan 2014
# 26
[I cooked this]
Thank you for the nice recipe. Very easy, I greased baking pans with oil and sprinkled with flour, no problem removing
[I cooked this]
16 Jan 2014
# 25
[I cooked this]
Thanks, Willie! That was the idea :) 18 Nov 2013
# 24
Reni, very beautiful mafinche as sprinkled with crystals!18 Nov 2013
# 23
[I cooked this]
became very delicious! The recipe is great!
[I cooked this]
18 Nov 2013
# 22
[Recipe author]
Ivka, go about 20, still depends on how you put the mixture and how large baking pans of muffins you.21 Feb 2013
# 21
recipe for muffins is how many? 12 Feb 2013
# 20
[I cooked this]
Wonderful recipe! Tested with great pleasure! Happy New Year moments of me!
[I cooked this]
29 Dec 2012
# 19
[Recipe author]
ava, the mixture itself is like cake, nothing special, probably from a product has received a blunder, very sorry about it.6 Dec 2011
# 18
And my not work out, but the baking powder was guilty in me. The mixture became acidic, and the only culprit for this may be the baking powder. First use case and apparently will be the last. Not risen at all. I'll try again. 4 Dec 2011
# 17
[Recipe author]
forms to pan it does not stick paper muffin. Try another meal, lest it not to have risen, or by baking / can replace it with 1chl soda /. 10 May 2011
# 16
For me, something does not work very well - not very rose and stuck. I used paper cutters and I have not pan. Should I? 6 May 2011
# 15
[Recipe author]
Thank Well, you put a nice picture :)29 Jan 2011
# 14
[I cooked this]
Many delicious mafinki :) Well done!
[I cooked this]
27 Jan 2011
# 13
[Recipe author]
Thank Marianche I do them with paper shapes in metal bowls and some of them a little stick in the area over the paper. Try after sprinkle buttered molds with flour, and then put the mixture of muffins. 15 Jan 2011
# 12
[I cooked this]
made muffins, very tasty :) but I stuck to the form, and she covered with oil. What can I do to not stick to it?
[I cooked this]
13 Jan 2011
# 11
[Recipe author]
Marianche, thank you for the nice words!28 Nov 2010
# 10
[I cooked this]
Great muffins were received. This is the most successful recipe for muffins that I did. They left me 20 pieces and ate a la minute! Thank you for the great recipe magi!
[I cooked this]
27 Nov 2010
# 9
[Recipe author]
Thank Jani, whether chocolate or similar, I think that does not matter much. Important is the taste you like! 2 Mar 2010
# 8
[I cooked this]
yesterday tried them and were very tasty, I could not find around us baykalche but with chocolate became kusni. Very nice recipe
[I cooked this]
1 Mar 2010
# 7
[Recipe author]
Thanks Bonnie! Very good look! 27 Feb 2010
# 6
[I cooked this]
They became delicious muffins with milk chocolate and sprinkled with sesame :)
[I cooked this]
26 Feb 2010
# 5
[Recipe author]
Thank you for my beautiful words! And thanks for the clarification of Orris! Natives is chocolate dessert that is not as hard as the chocolate is delicious. 10 Jan 2010
# 4
already tried them, but I put chocolate milk instead of natives and walnuts. Really are very tasty. Maggie, if you're a fan of muffins, see my cakes with fruit compote., Maybe you will like it. 10 Jan 2010
# 3
I'll try immediately.10 Jan 2010
# 2
natives is a chocolate cupcake. I remember it from my childhood, then no large assortment of sweets in the shop. If I'm currently selling for no longer than 0. 20 lev / per piece. 10 Jan 2010
# 1
What is that natives?10 Jan 2010
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