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Salad weakness of bees
Verified recipe!Rating: 10
Difficulty: Average
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  • Add to shopping list4 boiled eggs
  • Add to shopping list200 g cheese
  • Add to shopping list200 g mayonnaise
  • Add to shopping list100 g yogurt
  • Add to shopping listleaves of lettuce or fresh spinach
  • Add to shopping list2-3 tomatoes
  • Add to shopping list5-6 green and black olives pitted
  • Add to shopping list2 radishes
  • Add to shopping listslice of ham
Preparation method
Eggs and cheese finely and be confused with mayonnaise and yogurt. At the bottom of the large plate is ranked the salad (spinach) and in the middle and pour the mixture. As a piece of a flower are arranged in a circle cut and cleaned of seed tomatoes. From olives cut washers and lining black-green to get 3 bees. Of radishes are cut for each bee two thin wings. In the middle of the flower is placed piece of ham.
Published by by zlatina on 12 June 2009
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# 13
[I cooked this]
surprise your guests with this salad:) Super idea ...
[I cooked this]
25 Sep 2013
# 12
[I cooked this]
Great Salad get! Compliments!
[I cooked this]
21 Dec 2010
# 11
can be made in another way - the head of the bee is grain Canned peas wings - leaf parsley or celery, feeler - Dill / www. kuharka. ru - Pchelki /. There is an interesting picture, but does not meet the requirements of the site and I can not get. 14 Aug 2009
# 10
hehe!Bravo!It already is another thing!Pribayam to the collection of "interesting"! 17 Jun 2009
# 9
There is no reason Zlati :) Any help with what may :)16 Jun 2009
# 8
[Recipe author]
mimsi not angry, even me angry that I can not shoot. VABY exactly look like bees. Thank you! 16 Jun 2009
# 7
gold Bravo for the excellent idea! Very spectacular for guests and children! 16 Jun 2009
# 6
I drop one of bees, if approved, will see how you do.16 Jun 2009
# 5
The recipe is very nice. But where is the picture ...? 16 Jun 2009
# 4
Sometimes picture says more than a recipe! Gold, I hope that they are not offended! 16 Jun 2009
# 3
mimsi, here's are the bees15 Jun 2009
# 2
[Recipe author]
Apparatus me is broken! If you want you can take pictures. 15 Jun 2009
# 1
gold, this recipe without photos nevarvi!15 Jun 2009
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