Marine barbecue

Submitted by enr on 18 May 2009
2 lobster or lobster (or crab)
20 shrimp
20 mussels
4 sprigs mint, chopped
1 handful of dill, chopped
1 handful parsley, chopped
grated peel and juice of 1 lemon or lime
4 tbsp olive oil or sunflower oil
fresh twigs of your choice
's grilled barbecue put first crawfish around them and between them put mussels, shrimp on them. Cover with the lid with a large fireproof bowl. Embers are sabira in the bowl and put fresh branches to smoke and fumes to be collected in the bowl. Mix the spices in a bowl with lemon juice and olive oil. Optional can put salt, but in general marine life are savory. When clams begin to open, removed, taking care not to leak juice them. Put in the marinade. Then shrimp, crawfish last - place in marinade confuse well and eat still warm. * In the heat can be released and fresh herbs - thyme, rosemary, did everything with intense flavor. * In the marinade can put hot pepper, but not much else overlaps the taste of seafood.
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18 May 2009