Bakery chicks

Submitted by enr on 13 Apr 2009
330 g flour
50 g sugar
30-40 g soft butter
15-20 g fresh yeast
125 ml milk
pinch of salt
yolk with a few drops of milk spreads
for her eyes to ptichetata can enjoy nuts, pepper, raisins and cloves
Bakery chicks
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Yeast suspended in fresh, slightly pozatopleno milk. Sift the flour, makes him well, it is poured sugar, pinch of salt, soft butter (at room temperature, comminuted pieces) and knead the dough, which is left covered for half an hour. Then tear the dough balls weighing about 70 g (8-9), rolled on fitilcheta and all tied together, as one end is shaped beak and eyes, on the other make 4-5 minor cut and shaped bird tail. Smeared with yolk, lining up in the tray table littered with paper and bake in middle BBQ, 200-220 C until ready.
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13 Apr 2009


I also do them, but leave mako dough cakes!

Chrissy, very beautiful! Until you feel sorry to eat them ... :)

Bravo Chrissy! Very beautiful! I tried right from the cake in the refrigerator, but many lost its shape when baked.
Easter will try your model chicks. Thank you!

Very original! Bravo!

Bravo Chrissy! Very sweet!

Well done, very original!

are great! Chrissy Bravo!

Bravo! Very sweet and original for children.

Bravooo! Great recipe.

Thank you girls, and I thought they were very krasivichki and appropriate for the holiday. :)

They are very sweet. It is not Easter, but will give them a try.

Good for Abra! not Chris.

Ivka not of Abra, and Dimitrana S bravo! See what the source in the recipe and the picture.

are beautiful, well done.

I saved to favorites, will soon make it.

No, just no words ... what a beauty only, and not to see this recipe so far .. Bravo, great chicks! Will do for Easter and will appoint them to the eggs :) =) Excellent recipe, amazing photos, well done ..

Very original and interesting chicks. Well done.

Very original. Great. To favorites e.

Wonderful chicks

I did and bunnies on the idea of ​​the source of the recipe.