Easter banitsa nettles

2 handfuls (800 g) nettle
1 cup (200 g) rice
1 cup (200 g) cottage cheese
250 g butter
4 eggs
1 and 1/2 cup (300 g) flour
From the flour, salt and water knead dough Banichan. In court with 3 cups boiling water, put the rice and boil in water uptake, without allowing to razvaryava. To it while it is still warm, add the cleaned and washed in several waters nettles, eggs, the cottage cheese, half butter and salt to taste. The mixture was stirred. The dough is rolled out two sheets. The first sheet is placed in a thoroughly buttered butter tray has to be larger than the bottom. Spread it on the rice mixture and fold in by the edges, cover with a second sheet. The banitsa sprinkle with plenty of butter and baked in an electric oven, which included only the bottom heater. After being roasted on one side, turning in another tray, also coated with plenty of butter, to bake the other side. After removal from the oven the banitsa screwed well with a towel to smother.
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01 Dec 2002