Plastic chocolate

450 g chocolate
180 ml (3/4 cup) light corn (glucose) syrup
Plastic chocolate
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Chocolate is melted in a water bath. Remove from heat and add the glucose, stirring vigorously. The mixture becomes sticky, but continue to stir until mixed well. Transfer to a snug fit (clear, fresh) foil, shrink-wrapped and leave at room temperature until set. It is advisable to stand overnight. Used bitter cocoa for dusting the work surface to avoid sticking. * 1 cup = 240 ml
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17 Apr 2012
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Where to buy corn syrup?

Glucose is a general term. Here is derived from corn, because it's cheaper. Since the recipe was translated from English indicated corn syrup (because it is the most common). Search Glucose.

Some time ago I tried to do plastic chocolate, but since I had no corn syrup, which is more rare than glucose, I found the following recipe - 460 gr white chocolate 150 ml of glucose and 60 ml of sugar syrup 1: 1. The measures were oz. and need to convert them. In tenzherka Melt the sugar syrup with glucose, waiting to cool, kneading to whiten on a non-metallic surface with a non-metallic spoon / spatula / and add the chocolate, which must be hot and at room temperature and kneading again. The mixture raztilate onto nylon paper and leave 24 hours at ambient temperature. Then kneading again. Me something mixture does not get much better, I guess because the chocolate was not white and black. Not cast anything :) melted mixture again and added sour cream - made Ghana. But my attempts to plastic chocolate were here. Congratulations to John that it has become.

Marina, what was the problem - too tight or was too soft? My it was not for rolling out, but hands managed to shape it. Well it happened, what I wanted, I had no backup, no time. I wish however to fit the recipe, so going for rolling out and cover the cake.

As it stirring places had rough texture of chocolate, thick, hard confused. After the time became solid, but when it finally kneading with rashte instead get soft shaped table, this *miracle* was firmly part of the mix right is tearing to pieces, instead of being elastic and sticky when kneading - part of me mixture left hands. What I watched in making such dough in youtube, reduce nothing to do with my dough.

I forgot to add that exact word was *trichavo*. Chocolate was by cooking, but not buttons, but by this block. I watched the video which is Katreece Montgomery in intiresen art retro style. A website and

I apologize for spelling mistakes :) It's hard to write phonetic keyboard.

And what is this suitable plastic chocolate? Figurines coated cakes?

Marina, I'm sorry that it had learned its lessons well. I used chocolate buttons, although not recommended (it is more about cookies and baking reserves form), but I'm glad it worked. Nevi, say it to cover cakes and roses. For large and heavy figurine probably not suitable because it is soft and not tightens subsequently.

interesting recipe. I think the problem of consistency of the mixture that is difficult to handle in glucose. From what I have read in recipes with glucose - it is important what percentage is glucose. Until recently did not even know that there were tackles percentage, and he had a lot of great importance. Moreover, Russian sites recommended glucose was purchased from grocery stores. Sold in pharmacies glucose generally been unsuitable for culinary purposes. Moreover years ago sold online namely plastic chocolate. But he was offered in the form of *small cakes of cheese* and the price was quite salty. This form of chocolate has a binding plastic in the manufacture of chocolate filaments using a simple (but less volume) device (may also be used for cheese). Become very spectacular decorations.