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Roasted quail
Rating: 9
Difficulty: Average
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Added by k.mimi66
  • Add to shopping list10 quail
  • Add to shopping list7 mushrooms
  • Add to shopping list2 tbsp rice
  • Add to shopping list50-60 ml sunflower oil
  • Add to shopping list200 ml beer
  • Add to shopping listentrails of quail
  • Add to shopping listsalt cherlen pepper, parsley
Preparation method
Cleaned quail outside lightly salting and flavor with pepper. Mushrooms are cleaned, chopped and steamed with the oil, together with entrails of the feathered. Add the washed rice and spices. In the belly of every place 1 tbsp of the mixture. Padpadatsiti place in a baking dish. Pour beer tray covered with foil. Bake at 220 C about 70-80 minutes.
Published by by k.mimi66 on 19 September 2013
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