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Salt plateau Clock
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Added by aihegwl
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  • Add to shopping list200 g ready salad - Russian, Snow White or other
  • Add to shopping list1 carrot
  • Add to shopping list1 red pepper
  • Add to shopping list200 g Lukankov sausage
  • Add to shopping list200 g fillet
  • Add to shopping list200 g cheese
  • Add to shopping list6 eggs
  • Add to shopping listmayonnaise
Preparation method
In a large round pour plate or tray in the middle of the salad. Shape it into a circle around it and initiate carrot cut into rings. The next round over carrot shape of the lukanka, sirloin and cheese, which are dissected by looking for every hour to order a different appetizer. Boiled eggs bisected and arrange them around tsiferthe base, as half must be 12 - as hours. From their pepper crop arrows and numbers and stick them with mayonnaise eggs.

* Seems very effective, and the products you can experiment as much as you want.
Published by by gven5 on 7 March 2013
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[I cooked this]
Very nice idea :)
[I cooked this]
1 Jan 2014
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[Recipe author]
Thank you, the idea is not mine, I saw her somewhere in the net, but good things to be disseminated :)9 Mar 2013
# 2
Well done, great idea :)9 Mar 2013
# 1
Spectacular plateau and allows imagination run wild! :) 8 Mar 2013
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