Sicilian meatballs

500 g beef
150 g feta cheese pecorino or parmesan
2 yolks
2 cloves garlic
1 handful basil leaves
3-4 tbsp olive oil
possibly salt
Sicilian meatballs
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Basil leaves cut into strips, grated pecorino chopped garlic or pass a Grind. Kneaded together with the egg yolks into the mince. Leave for 10-15 minutes, add the olive oil and kneaded again. Meatballs can be fry or baked, as in baking put on paper smeared with olive oil and are turning at least once. If you put salt in the minced meat must be careful because the feta cheese is savory. If you put Grana Padano pecorino instead, need a little more olive oil minced meat, as it is dry.
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15 Jan 2009


I love spicy taste of meatballs, today will prepare them!

Put pictures if you can. I did not think the last time to photograph them.

For the first time I meet garlic meatballs. It strikes me, as I always use it as do meatballs and leaves.

are interesting, and I'm not remembered to put garlic meatballs! Bravo!

Ever since I ate these for the first time 15 years ago, and I put everywhere. Before I had not eaten. But now not do without. Super is.

obligatory photo will let them do :))

I like the recipe will necessarily her try and it in the oven!

Hey darlings, pay attention to weight, not many. If you are more people, consider whether you will go.

meatballs in the picture is complex and Scamorzza piece.

Rally, better not look boring again, but what is Scamorzza?

type cheese, the type that we call cheese. Desi's hard for me to pretsenyam what already has and what does not in BG. I apologize. Scamorzza suits pecorino and melts like cheese.

Great meatballs. Bravooo!

Again piece Scamorzza, only grilled. As we put mince and thyme leaves, but without them actually are super.

Wow what a photo directly swallowed. Garlic meatballs gives a very nice flavor.

:) Pictured are lamb chops grilled and roasted red pepper, all sprinkled with oregano - the flavor was really appetizing :)

Yes, I saw them steaks for those who fast is just tempting, beautifully served.