Swedish almond layered cake

125 g peeled almonds
100 g sugar
4 egg whites
# For the buttercream:
4 yolks
100 ml cream
125 g sugar
125 g butter
# For garnish:
100 g roasted almonds
Swedish almond layered cake
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Oven switches 175 S. Almonds are ground and mixed with sugar. Egg whites are broken down into the snow and add to the almond mixture. On a lightly oiled baking sheet to form two the base with a diameter of about 28 cm. It may also be used to form a movable bottom. Browning is one by one for about 15-20 minutes. Remove the paper and the bases allowed to cool and harden - about 1 hour. In bowl mix cream products without the butter. Warm over low heat, stirring constantly. When bubbles first appear is added the butter. Allow to cool. The first base is smeared with cream, cover with second cake and smeared with cream. Almonds are roasted in a hot pan and garnish them with cake. So the prepared cake can be frozen and then subtract at room temperature 10 minutes before serving. Can be served with ice cream, whipped cream or raspberry jelly.
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13 Apr 2009


THANK YOU! THANK YOU! 100 more times thanks! I'm sure it was worth the wait! This is one of the most delicious cakes I've eaten! IMMEDIATELY TO FAVORITES!

Many liked the recipe, and I'm sure it will be very tasty cake. Goes to favorites and will definitely be done!

Vesi, I buy it frozen, but should aech time to go to IKEA, 25 km, you have a license to sell or what, in any case, only there is there. Previously sold by a company for delivery of frozen foods at home, but I have not seen her in the catalog. So glad that Tanya publish it!

This is really a great cake! Bravo!

Yesterday finally made cake in your recipe. Became gorgeous! Thanks again for your effort to find the recipe. I I killed the cream to full cooling, it took me a long time, but became fluffy and air. The latter must not only endured 10 minutes in the oven, if I had kept still, would burn up. However cake is very delicious and easy to do. Bravo!

I made the cake today. I think the diameter of the baking pan should be less than the present, the latter must be received too thin. I would not deliberately proteins to snow, only to foam, as is said, but I'm not sure she should be. The cream I get rare.

This is my favorite cake. Buy her the most regularly. But now I found her recipe will do. Thanks so much for the recipe!

Proteins of snow or foam is broken? Many want to get right the first time and have no time to experiment. And the latter must they be able to stay more than an hour?

I break them of snow, but not very hard. Definitely can stay the latter must, predolagam that a few days will not harm them. Come success, dear! :)

Rally, thanks for the quick response!

proteins most likely to be broken down into the snow. Swedish expression is *foam* and therefore so it translated without it occurred to me that Bulgarian more precise by shear. So, *Snow* and I'm sorry for the confusion. Happy Holidays!

Ah, Raleigh, unfortunately no success :(. In the latter must not think I did, but not with cream - too sweet and became quite buttery. I see no particular resemblance to the original cake. Maybe somewhere wrong.

After the stay was very tasty - my husband likes it a lot :). Me also I like, but I think next time I reduce the sugar.

John, dear, I've noticed that the cream has cooled down texture different from that which I know. That's why I had zatopih again and knocked to fully cool. The cream is something between cream and Ghana. When killing becomes air, although the calories do not disappear;) And yes, it is very sweet. As a whole cake, which is thin and the pieces are small. It obviously is not accidental - as our cake station, with this cake you can not *be nayadesh*. It is only for enjoyment. Try to izbiesh cream, but also can reduce the sugar - the latter must in '70, in cream 100g example. Kisses!

Rally, thanks for the advice. I also warmed again as she stood very liquid and then completely changed - many smelled of yolks and became a sticky. Beat him, but did not change much. Anyway - we especially liked, and eat slowly :). I already have a mixer similar to yours and next time I will break the good cream :).

cake and is super but kakna second picture is not like the first one and the same recipe is it?

:) As seen in the second picture, this is the Swedish almond cake, which is available in IKEA. Visible baking pan on which a plate;) And the first picture is homemade.

A month ago I made this cake for the second time - became great! I reduced the sugar in the cream, boil it for 15 minutes. On very low heat (due to the presence of eggs), I added the butter and let it cool to thicken. When I looked at it, oil had separated the top and stood liquid, very strange. I smashed it with a mixer and get a very fluffy cream.

We do not like cake. Taste of oil stood. And I do not get anything like the pictures: (Two thin wafers plastered with cream. I am glad that you are being received. Otherwise, yes, sweet was enough for an army.

ICE unfortunate ... and weird. In cream butter definitely not felt, but fluffy and velvety. I would advise you not to give up all the way from the recipe and try it again after some time. Did you get you, was worth making, trust me. This is one of our favorite cakes. That does not make it in person, due solely to the fact that buying it ready. We always have at home at least one in reserve. Now there are two new options with Tobleron and Daym think that the other was also very tasty!

rang her celebrated the occasion with a lot of people with it and liked it very much at all, but the first thing was: What is this thing you do not received it? :)Will try again after a while.

The cake is really delicious, fine and almond, thanks for the recipe :) It's thin, but is severe, 1-2 pieces are ample - indeed as our cake Garash in this regard.

products I think are accurate, sugar to me was good, according to Paul maybe a little less, but it is a matter of taste. Having regard to the comments so far have few details of the preparation - First marshes, 28 cm I think it is too much, my pan is only 22 and I spread the latter must and cream. In the preparation of the latter must not be best to draw a circle with a diameter of 18-22 cm of baking paper and on it gently to form marshes - pan with a drop-down bed is unnecessary, even the walls in my way to spread them into the dough evenly. Baking latter must is about 10 minutes.

For cream I saw that obviously does not work quite recipe and prepared so - yolks with cream and sugar, put on low heat and stir until the first clock (as described) - low heat cooking is sufficiently long I do not think it is necessary to boil further. While stirring the cream of the neighboring stove melted butter. As clock yolk mixture poured it into the bowl (stream, not too hot and my crack the bowl) and then while stirring with a mixer added oil stream - as in whipping mayonnaise - it can become good fats in eggs. Broken in a few minutes, warm cream, then left to cool at room temperature. As was slightly cold liquid, yellow and oil felt uncomfortable - again Beat with a mixer, became fluffy cream with a lighter color and mild flavor. Assembled the cake to cool cake and cream crashed directly into the baking pan, sprinkled with whole almonds and put in the fridge. We ate it behind a few hours :)

Thanks girls for helpful comments without you would not handle it :) If anyone confirm the size of the pan and cooking cream thinking to change them directly in the recipe.