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Zucchini Baked
Verified recipe!Rating: 10
Difficulty: Average
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  • Add to shopping list6-7 (1 kg) courgettes
  • Add to shopping list2 tbsp (40 ml) vegetable oil
  • Add to shopping list1 tbsp (20 g) flour
  • Add to shopping list1 tsp (5 g) red pepper
  • Add to shopping list3 cups (600 g) yogurt
  • Add to shopping list7-8 cloves garlic
  • Add to shopping listsalt
Preparation method
Courgettes are peeled and cut into rings, add salt and leave to drain the water. In an oiled baking dish arrange zucchini, as overlap, sprinkle with flour, paprika and oil and bake in a medium hot oven until browned. Serve with crushed garlic and yogurt.
Published by on 1 December 2002
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# 33
Many were delicious, end of frying :)13 Jul 2014
# 32
[I cooked this]
Amazing zucchini, a favorite dish at home!
[I cooked this]
9 Jul 2014
# 31
[I cooked this]
Never again will I try to fry zucchini! Received is great, juicy inside and slightly crisp on the outside :)
[I cooked this]
18 Jun 2014
# 30
are zucchini in the oven. Easy way of cooking and saving calories. Thank you for the recipes that appear on the site. 28 May 2014
# 29
[I cooked this]
often prepare zucchini thus become very easy, fast and like fried taste. I first mess them with a little flour and then appoint them, and sprinkle the top with a little help of the strainer so evenly distributed everywhere.
[I cooked this]
1 Apr 2014
# 28
[I cooked this]
A great recipe! More NEVER Frizzle tikviki. My husband said that delicious zucchini not eaten until now. Bravo for the recipe!
[I cooked this]
14 Sep 2013
# 27
[I cooked this]
Very often they do, many are delicious!
[I cooked this]
29 Jun 2013
# 26
[I cooked this]
Prepekoh them more, become super!
[I cooked this]
25 Jun 2013
# 25
[I cooked this]
They became great! Crispy from above mekichki inside. No longer play, to fry. ;) Thanks! :)
[I cooked this]
31 May 2013
# 24
A great recipe to prepare it now, hopefully hit only time!20 Aug 2012
# 23
[I cooked this]
I really usladiha, crispy outside and juicy inside mekichki. I ate them nothing, neither garlic or yogurt, just eat them and are quite tasty.
[I cooked this]
19 Jul 2012
# 22
[I cooked this]
Since I found this recipe gladly buy 3 kg zucchini, without thinking about frying! And for the comments below, I use baking paper and courgettes not stick - quickly, easily and mnoogo delicious!
[I cooked this]
17 Jun 2012
# 21
I slice them into strips along (are long rectangles or triangular in shape, slightly thicker than a finger) and roll them in flour mixed with vegeta. Do not put more salt because vegetata salty. I water them with a little oil and very little bodichka in the pan! Once they have finished I inundate them with eggs and cheese and dopicham them more. Become great. 11 Jul 2011
# 20
Bravo .. Taman complained how will sit three hours over the pan;) and it came to light .. is super!10 Jul 2011
# 19
[I cooked this]
They became great! Not very crisp, but perfect for my taste!
[I cooked this]
14 Jun 2010
# 18
[I cooked this]
and I think to prepare today - my husband loves crispy zucchini only and do not fry ... I hope you like it!14 Jun 2010
# 17
We'll certainly try - fully suitable for this recipe such mothers like me - with 3 children :) ... not stand for hours over the pan :). And apparently will vkuusnichko! Thanks a lot! :) 8 May 2010
# 16
[I cooked this]
Desi, I'm glad that you achieved the desired result!1 Jun 2009
# 15
[I cooked this]
Ahhh Reni this time were great. I cut them in debelzhko and put them in particularly oil.
[I cooked this]
31 May 2009
# 14
[I cooked this]
Ivelina, slice them 1 finger thickness. Maybe oil to your least Desi ... 29 May 2009
# 13
And when I become a mess. How thick slice them? 29 May 2009
# 12
I also roast them. I visited my sister before 4 years. I saw that it made them so, and since then only oven-a healthy, clean and not so tudoemko .. 29 May 2009
# 11
[I cooked this]
Desi, lest you cut them in thin slices? Arrange them in greased tin top flight with them trickle of oil. Will never fry zucchini ... Until now they deep-fried, but are very soft! 29 May 2009
# 10
[I cooked this]
Well I do not know you wrong somewhere ... I become a mess literally ... Ham made them as it does Reni. I do not know why this happens ... 29 May 2009
# 9
[I cooked this]
Reni, and I prepare them the same way. Are very tasty and a very short time. Even I can not try them because disappear for a second! :)
[I cooked this]
29 May 2009
# 8
[I cooked this]
A great recipe! Try!
[I cooked this]
29 May 2009
# 7
super :) love zucchini, but not fried them :) tomorrow will try them :)28 May 2009
# 6
[I cooked this]
are crispier when rolled in flour + breadcrumbs and salt. The recipe is suitable for the heat - not sweat over the pan to fry!
[I cooked this]
24 May 2009
# 5
[I cooked this]
are wonderful! Roll them in flour. Instead of yogurt can be served with garlic, mixed with vinegar or garlic and tomato sauce. Can be prepared and preserved zucchini in winter.
[I cooked this]
30 Jul 2008
# 4
(not registered)
Wow coolest zucchini, fuck! Do them regularly with great gusto.
[I cooked this]
17 Aug 2006
# 3
(not registered)
Tichkvichkite are so bomb! Ashkolsun for this recipe!
[I cooked this]
10 May 2006
# 2
(not registered)
They became great, directly melted in the mouth. So I like more than fried, and not doing so. Try them :)
[I cooked this]
29 Jun 2005
# 1
Svetlana Grigorova
(not registered)
recipe is really good, quick and easy to prepare. Great for working woman. When serving and added yogurt with crushed garlic and chopped dill. Even my husband liked it, but he is not much these foods.
[I cooked this]
15 Jun 2004
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