Dresden stollen

1/3 cup milk
1 cube (50 g) of yeast
200 g butter (or margarine)
200 g sugar
zest of half a lemon
3 tbsp rum
150 g peeled almond nuts
2 vanilla
500 g flour
200 g dark raisins
50 g white raisins
100 g candied orange peels
# Watering:
100-150 g butter
# For garnish:
100 g of powdered sugar
2 vanilla
Dresden stollen
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Yeast dissolved in lukewarm milk. Mix the butter with the sugar, lemon zest, rum, chopped almonds and vanilla. Stirring with a wooden spoon add the yeast with milk and flour. Prepared soft flour. Add the raisins and chopped orange peel and mix well. The dough was left covered in a warm for 1 hour. Then with oiled hands forming long cake, which is placed in a greased oblong pan. Bake at 150 ° C. The finished cake, still hot, pour in the melted butter, and sprinkle on top of a thick layer of powdered sugar with vanilla. Cake stand 20th days, each day becomes more beautiful.
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17 Nov 2007


recipe is great! This year I did for Christmas and get a very tasty cake. I did a double dose and received two Stolle-one is razryazoh Christmas and one-yesterday. Interestingly. The more stand becomes more palatable. Thanks for the recipe will do next year again! Upload a photo but not yet approved.

. sve_georgieva, I'm glad you liked the stollen and was received very well. I am very sorry that this year I could not do it in time, because I was very busy, and I know that has to be done about a month - earlier, but next year will see work - time. A taste really like stand is great. To eat it with health.

Bravo for the photo and the upcoming also looks very tasty, will I try and make it mandatory, a great challenge!

So kindled me, I will try to do it without reason.

Pepi thank you for the nice recipe!

sve_georgieva, nothing to thank me. I am very glad that you liked the recipe. I just hope a little more free time to put a few good recipes that I have prepared, but time has not deserted me up.

So if I want to do it, you soon become. How to store it until Christmas?

ampar, when Stolle is ready leave it to stand for one day at room temperature, to be sure that it is completely cool, wrap it nice fresh foil and let him so cool, but not in the refrigerator and not wet place - maybe in a room, but not warm. So I endured without problem to the holidays.

what dough is obtained by asking for or ...

perunika, dough stollen is much - serious dough for asking. The reason is that there are quite a large amount of oil, sugar, nuts and dried fruit. But it is very flavorful and worth to be done.

I tried, but I rise very little, not to say almost nothing. He rose in baking, but I do not get what we had? May I put ...

perunika, why was so dear? Lest something yeast has not been nice ?! But he Stolle generally not swell that much or the bread for example. Hopefully at least your taste appeal and exposure do not worry I'm sure you will eat it, and next time I'll get in - nice.

Thanks for the reassurance and taste will write next week!

Once you bake should I take out of shape or straight inside to pour oil

Desi watering him with oil directly in the form and then only when cool it off of her. So you can take a nice butter.

On I do not get dough but brittle mixture

Desi no reason not to get your dough. Are you the cup was in - less liquid and you came in - less. Another reason I do not see.

Ladies, Stolle have to cool in the form or the baking baking pan to stand in it at least 12 hours and then be removed. Otherwise there is a danger to crush. During this time is *subject* as a result of the residual moisture in any product. Then cover the surface with butter and powdered sugar with vanilla, screw tightly (foil box for sweets, etc.). And let cool. The ideal time for making stollen 3-4 weeks before Christmas. For the time *mature* and develop optimal flavor and moisture inside. Bright Christmas holidays to all!

followed the recipe exactly, the result is great. Rich and full-bodied taste. I added and dried cranberries :)

tonitaleva, secretly envy you:) I in recent years over the holidays I closely work long hours and still not have the time to do Stolle and so many like him, knowing what flavor spread as bake ... mmm ... :) Thank you dear confidence to my recipe:) Happy Holidays from me!

Happy Holidays from me! :)

Thanks sweetie :)

Yesterday it prepared and today it wrapped in foil. Me too I do not get exactly dough - the mixture is crumbly and never rose in souring. Peko him nearly an hour, lawn it with 100g melted butter (it was plenty) and sprinkled with about 50g sugar purdah (became very thick, and I thought that even so will be too much). I hope to be received successfully - to taste no doubt, I'm afraid it is not very hard. Will share the outcome you try it, and then will keep my fingers crossed.

gkostova04, the dough becomes very pleasant to work and not crumbly, I do not know why when you had received so. And with rising rising, but the dough is tezhichko of raisins, nuts and crusts. Hopefully taste good.

Taste no mistake - stollen is true! Became a little loose, but next time I will try to rectify the error. Certainly will not go!

gkostova04, I'm glad you liked the taste:) I wish you Happy Holidays!