Flemish meatballs with mushrooms

500 g mushrooms
50 g butter
2 eggs
2 small onions
1 cup cooking cream for garnish
breadcrumbs for rolling
ground pepper
3-4 potatoes
Flemish meatballs with mushrooms
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Luke is cut into small pieces and stew in the butter, mushrooms are blanched in boiling water, then cut into small pieces and drain of water. Cook potatoes and smash. Mix mushrooms, onions, 1 egg, mash the potatoes, pepper and salt. The mixture was refluxed for 30-40 minutes, after which it was formed meatballs. Roll in remaining egg and breadcrumbs fried meatballs on both sides or baked in the oven at 180C until zechervyat ready can be served topped with sour cream or yogurt. * I baked them because avoid frying. * From this quantity of products out 10 meatballs.
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06 Jan 2012


Sounds promising delicious! I guess eggs are raw, but with four mixture is not a lot of liquid?

In the original recipe this is not specified, but I think the eggs were raw

I see you've already made them :). Is it easy to shape the meatballs?

and I was wondering if the design is and how easy it liquid mixture - 1 cup cream 4 eggs?

I apologize for the delayed response. I personally I have not done this recipe, cook January my relative - Russian, but she adds mashed boiled potatoes to sgasti mixture, although they are absent in the original recipe, otherwise become omletcheta. I do not know whether to edit or recipe?

Sirena, best edit the recipe with the working version :)

I personally would not tried a shared recipe here, which is not tested by the author and.