Jam melon

2 kg melon
1 kg of sugar
300 ml water
10 g citric acid
Jam melon
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Cantaloupe must have firm flesh. Washed, cleared of seeds, peeled and cut into pieces. The sugar and water is boiled syrup, which placed melons pieces. Boil until ready and 2-3 minutes before removing from the fire added citric acid and mix. Packed in jars, which are capped and sterilized for 5 minutes. More hot turn the cap down.
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06 Sep 2009


I did it I did last year, but I did not sterilize it again :)

may not be sterilized. But I am used to - for better security. Furthermore melons I was a little soft and rather get something between jam and marmalade.

Barzani and easy to try!

It is very tasty jam. Has a great flavor! :)

Light really is with great flavor. This year I nakanila still do. I use it in many desserts.

Yesterday I did roll stuffed with jam and this became great! :)

I love melon and I had not thought of it that can be done and jam it. Thanks for the recipe-Inche now it brew, but my melon was not a very firm flesh-hopefully not affect the quality. Not sterilize it.

If the melon is more water and less meaty think I will get only need to boil more to become a thickish jam. :)

I am glad that you intrigued with this recipe! And my melons were soft but still get something very fragrant.

tillia, citric acid binding you and change you taste, ie I wonder if it will nakiselyava jam?

Citric acid did not change the flavor of jam or sweet. To as I've heard put to not candied, but I'm not really sure yet tillia could give you a competent answer :)

Emmy is absolutely right - the citric acid does not alter the taste. She added, not candied sweet at the end of cooking.

tillia, emka, thanks for the quick response. I have already made jam. I am happy with the result and my husband even more. When I'm more free and will get pictures. When I get a lighter do not know whether it is the variety of melon.

Valia, no matter the color. Photo not always comes true color. The important thing is that you delicious! That wait for the pictures.

Jack, look very appetizing! I brew in time to see what would have formed! This year we have a lot of melons, but unfortunately with very poor quality - green split and begin to rot. 1/10 if we Defense to eat!

my melon was on the green, not yellow, cut it into medium pieces of fruit there, it did was that it does not melt melon remained to pieces, so I do not know why. But was very tasty.

Petya in jam must have pieces of fruit / whatever fruit is cooked /. So when you happened exactly as it should. I will upload photos, it became ready. With me are colored melons with different hardness, some went melted, others are pieces. But taste is wonderful!

the important thing is that we liked and even my husband did not know what

Here is my production. I had to cut cooking time and continued this morning, if only for ten minutes. To my regret is porazkashka more than if I had dovarila yesterday. This time I added for flavor geranium leaves.

tillia, like watching your new photos (many are good) and as I read your comments I'm sure that to me is received properly (at least in appearance).

Of course it is received - and kind, and as I understand it - and taste! On sterilization - I am not master of sweet - or will leave less, or compressed / as younger jam made with cherries, but it was compressed, then that could be removed from the jars! /. So I prefer to leave it any less / it thickens as cool /. Moreover usually reduce the amount of sugar in the recipe given because they love so sweet. All this has led me to sterilize sweet. Otherwise, as a rule, is packed hot in dry, warm jars, sealed with caps and turn.

Again I started doing this jam, but this year than in the above recipe, I made one dose in the most common way - with backfilling of the product with sugar, standing 12 hours and cooking. Because the varieties we grow are water, I did not add water - they released enough. Is to do a third option - baked, but will write further, seeing the result :)

Ehaaa, tillia, looks divine! Another temptation ... will rule! :)

One of my favorite jams! Inche, write mandatory if and baked out well, but I guess it will get only difference will be in abundance. If it becomes quite thick would be ideal for buns :) but covered on the pancakes not remain: D

syrup should I boil for some time before being released within the pieces of melon? And does it matter what the variety of melon - I mean that some are bulk and other watery, but very fragrant ...?! I think this Saturday to make one dose of experience.

iris, do you have any more melons to try. It is very aromatic :)Svetlana tonight will do baked in shade when there will be none in the kitchen :). I hesitate to be with sugar or sweetener.
Didi, syrup brew as little time as to melt the sugar. Our melons are watery and lots of it / them any more and therefore grow like /. Unfortunately, the first time in your week go to the village, so use to jam those who are likely to quickly deteriorate / a ripe are / and therefore not always the pieces remain intact and sometimes gets something between jam and marmalade :). Try half a dose and then you can decide. But I assure you that you will happy:) Good luck!

I did it and baked in the oven and so on like that. Initially I was afraid that nothing will get because one of melons was very watery and formed a lot of juice. But everything ended safely:) Peko in early high heat. When it began to thicken relieving moderate temperature and repeatedly stirred it - otherwise the foam will come out of the baking pan.

pictures look very tempting, today will try to do and share pictures with you :)

Tony saw the pictures to other recipe - very good looking :)

Thank you, tillia, and the taste is great