500 g crude kadaif (tel kadayif)
350-400 g of fresh, unsalted feta cheese or feta cheese Mozzarella
200 g butter or margarine
450 g sugar
350 g water
3 tbsp lemon juice
crushed nuts
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Sprinkling of water, sugar and lemon juice is boiled syrup and leave are cool. Kadaif is razchepkva by rubbing between the palms, in order to separate the fibers. The feta cheese is broken thread (case of feta cheese, which is made with yeast, but it is not complicated to mature. In Turkish shops, Dill Peynir, or substitute Italian Mozzarella). The butter melts in the pan about 40x40 cm. Insert half of kadaif and pressed well to take the butter. Distribute the feta cheese and cover with the remaining kadaif. Pressed gently. Bake in a moderate preheated oven about 30 minutes, until golden brown. Remove and pour the cold syrup Cover for several minutes until completely absorbed the syrup. Serve still hot, to sharpen the feta cheese thread, sprinkled with chopped nuts.
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04 Jan 2009


I've only heard of this kadaif that is fantastic.Man is worth just about to go to Istanbul!

Very interesting recipe!

Yala'm in a restaurant, it was a real miracle. I encourage you to try.

I loved the recipe, but do not know where to buy crude kadaif. If anyone knows how to tell. Surely with bake sale where mass will be obtained (or to try to share).

everywhere writes that eat hot and cold is not it nice

When cheese is cool as crumbs and kadaif has replaced syrup and as Muffler. We personally do not like kashnati foods. And then it is juicy and dry, kadaif swell and syrup disappeared. Elti, I do not know where in Bulgaria sells crude kadaif here buy Turkish shops, I guess there would be.

dessert eat only fresh and warm and incredibly delicious (for people who love syrupy desserts). Happens with a simple, ours kadaif-you do not have to be harsh, taste is in Turkish restaurants, even a little better, because at home put plenty of oil and motsarelka!

Danny, what is *normal, kadaif ours*? And how do you do it?

Aliana, plain, ours kadaif is one that is sold in our retail network. No need to look for crude kadaif (as it says in the recipe) ... Prepared in exactly the same manner as in the recipe. But it is not bad to look at while baked, rather than waiting to be removed from the oven 30 minutes.

I do not know what is for sale, but if it it will be very convenient for most users. Thanks for the info:-)

retsertata super raw kadaif only by Turkey

Ah this is kyufene neveroyatnooo! I'm here with luck sold tepid and in some large baking pans world turn to you!

I am still not clear just how the cheese will become a thread (I mean ordinary or Mozzarella cheese)? :)

In the recipe has fresh unsalted cheese and mozzarella both sharpen as thread on cooking ...

Marina, color is your answer, but let me tell you: the cheese is also cheese and warm as he also makes the thread. That you may have in the word *cheese* thinking about cheese, does not mean that the recipe is mistaken. Mozzarella is sharpening in heating, exactly I wrote and I make it at least 30 times.

I did not say that the recipe is wrong, do not misunderstand me. I just never done anything similar and I'm not aware of those properties of the cheese. :)

Raleigh, here in Tripoli told him kunafa, the picture that I'm not released the rules and bought even dress it I can never achieve their masterful perfection. Recognized masters. Incredible favorite cake.

Super recipe, yummy.

Hello, I have a question concerning the mozzarella. What I use mozzarella, white, fresh ball (like salad) or yellow (like pizza)? Thank you :)

I apologize for the late reply. Fresh mozzarella natural :) But it is similar to fresh unsalted cheese.