Mixed Pickles - II type

fleshy red bell peppers
1 tablespoon salt
2 tbsp sugar
4 tbsp vinegar
4-5 cloves garlic
2 aspirin
Mixed Pickles - II type
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Cauliflower is separated into florets, cabbage cut in large pieces peppers - pieces and carrots - circles. In jar rank vegetables, put garlic cloves, chopped celery, salt, sugar, vinegar and crushed aspirin. Pour cold water, sealed and turned for about one week. The dose is 1 jar of 1 l.
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20 Sep 2008


Maggie just bellow you behave Super goes to Favorites

Not Blaga, turns each day to dissolve the spices and flavored Vegetables. We love her very much at home and I make every autumn.

This is your favorite pickle my 2 year old son, who called her *Watermelon*.

Yoni, an interesting name and put your little boy!

Perhaps it is easier, because the fruit just loves watermelon and many vegetables that are his favorites, yet can not naming them. He knows :). But when you see the jars with pickles is unstoppable - take them and bear the table :). Only worry as there aspirin in pickles that is not harmful to him. Maggie, you know that without aspirin can make this pickle?

Why, only that it can not continue and must be sterilized jars. But then will soften vegetables, so I think.

Most likely to soften. And I notice that my son enjoys and hrupkavinata vegetables. Crude pepper loves example, but does not want to lick baked :).

Then make a small amount, enough to eat for a short time. I'm not rules, but if you choose to make it relultata said :)