Paella Espanola

500 g large mussels
200 g shrimp
100 g cuttlefish
200 g chicken
1 large onion
200-250 g rice
9-10 black olives
100 g peas
100 ml tomato puree
sunflower oil
coloring - yellow or saffron
Paella Espanola
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Mussels are cooked in water - when they start to open, means that they are ready. Shrimp and shredded cuttlefish is also cooked together, but separately from the mussels. When cooked are shrimp become orange. In a deep saucepan put 50-80 ml sunflower oil and fry the cooked shrimp and squid. Cut the onion and fry well with shrimp. When braised well add the rice and precooked boneless chicken. All fry for a further 5-7 minutes and then added to the broth in which it is boiled chicken. Add peas, less savory, salt, tomato paste and saffron. Boil until the rice begins to soften. Then it is poured into a tray, top rank mussels - one of their shell is removed and put up with the hole. Bake in a preheated oven. Remove just before the water boil off completely, put the olives and serve. Must be eaten with plenty of lemon squeezed over portion. This is the Spanish national dish, which comes from the Valencia region. Prepared in many different ways, but I assure you this is the best.
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27 Oct 2008


Bravo! And the picture is stunning!

For me it is not original paeyya. First, do not put savory. Second, do not boil, and is done on the stove or embers in a shallow pan, especially for paeyya (as pictured). Seafood not fry-put is been previously boiled. Use ready-mix of spices and coloring that give it specific taste and color. The dish prepared in this recipe is rice with seafood, but not paeyya.

I first moved there two types paeyi, one of Valencia and the other sailor, Spanish paeya term simply does not exist. One of the most important ingredients is saffron, and not because of the color but because of their wonderful flavor, leading to the conclusion that the dye can not achieve the same effect, the other is that in Spain no savory not used, so that Your recipe is very good, but if present under another name because it is not paeya.

I have prepared this recipe last week and the result was great, I am happy, thanks for the recipe!