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Potato buns
Rating: 3
Difficulty: Average
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  • Add to shopping list500 g potatoes
  • Add to shopping list1 onion
  • Add to shopping list1-2 eggs
  • Add to shopping list3 tbsp drained yogurt or cream
  • Add to shopping listpinch of red pepper
  • Add to shopping list1 cup (200 g) flour
  • Add to shopping listfrying fat
  • Add to shopping listsalt
  • Add to shopping listparsley
Preparation method
Peel the potatoes are cooked in a small amount of salted water, drain and while warm, smash with a fork. Chopped onion fry until browned in 1 tbsp vegetable oil, add the red pepper and add salt to taste. Add mash the potatoes and together with the other ingredients kneaded relatively hard dough, which is rolled into floured surface crust of 2 cm thick. With water glass cut buns, which are fried on both sides in hot fat. On warm buns can put stuffing of your choice, scatter with grated cheese and served with tomato sauce or other appropriate.
Published by on 11 November 2003
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