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Potato spirals
Rating: 8
Difficulty: Easy
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Preparation method
Peel the potatoes, wash and halve. Special machine cut spirals, salting and fry in preheated oil. Suitable furniture are roasted meats and BBQ.
Published by by PassionFlower on 8 September 2009
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# 6
and I liked elim- will bowl.24 Sep 2009
# 5
[Recipe author]
to my plastic and I was happy with it :)17 Sep 2009
# 4
Become gorgeous spirals. And I have, but plastic. :) 17 Sep 2009
# 3
[Recipe author]
dunia53 hair spirals of different species. There are those which are made of metal, there are plastic. Personally, my plastics. In hypermarkets like Mercator, Kaufland, Metro them. And also I'm sure and will sell them and Household. Are inexpensive and do a lot of work. Cucumber example can make spiral ends merge - get petal separately for ice-cream and fruit salad of pears, apples and so on. 17 Sep 2009
# 2
I had such a device - sold them at flea market a long time ago. Unfortunately I can not find it now, and are very original fries! 17 Sep 2009
# 1
These spirals are nice but how this machine. Not all have such 17 Sep 2009
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