Salad-layered cake of tomatoes and strained yogurt

yoghurt - optional or flavored yogurt mixed with grated feta cheese and / or eggs
# To decorate:
onions - only green part
Salad-layered cake of tomatoes and strained yogurt
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Cut the tomatoes into slices. In the form rank order tomatoes, covered with strained milk and rotated so as end products, with the top remains strained milk. If strained yogurt is less to thicken can put gelatin thickener or cream. Top decorated with radishes, sliced ​​tomato and greenery and remove corn and chopped fresh green onions.
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08 Apr 2009


Very beautifully arranged cake. Thank you for the great idea! Bravo, the merrier!

Vesi, I congratulate you for the spectacular salad! Ham easy and delicious, yet really beautiful :)

Very beautiful! Great idea! Will definitely try!

is Super! Will try!

maleee great and a cold rakia

Very beautiful!

Vesi, great idea! Bravo!

Bravo Vesi, great beauty, and I guess that yummy! I wonder how you have not begun prior to decorate it! Goes to Favorites!

Vesi Bravo! Very nice, try it, and with puree, between the latter must at least chesanche :)

Great cake! Bravo!

It is very elegant :) well done!

It is very beautiful! Original salad! Will make it to prom her son!

Vesi, where was I looking? Great beauty! A strained yogurt and tomatoes is very fresh combination!

gosh! Bravo immediately begin to do mmm!

It was a great salad! Bravo! :)

Vesi great Pastry its creation. Form with removable bottom you.

with removable bottom is

BABY thank you for the reply. Recorded it in favorites.

I did it, and I added the picture is not as nice as Baby, but at least it will be safe :)

It's really beautifully decorated, well done, and how well carved radishes with planer of byurner you or how congratulated Katya!

great decoration, and the recipe is good, bravo!