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Sterilized leaves sauerkraut
Rating: 9
Difficulty: Easy
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Added by tillia
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Preparation method
Choice between good pickled cabbage and separate the leaves. The leaves are made of rolls and arrange in jars. Pour with lightly salted water and closed. Sterilized 25-30 minutes.

Used to dolmas.
Published by by tillia on 9 August 2009
Source: Home-canned - Petrov Malchev
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# 15
Ina my cabbage is as sole Libyan firm is not like our Bulgarian tender and very tasty. And so my daughter like you do not shouting and I think. 11 Mar 2012
# 14
I hope I have been helpful :)!11 Mar 2012
# 13
[Recipe author]
Milencha will try this method of preservation. I have a folder in which to gather such culinary tips and tricks, and while I have not forgotten to write it down. Thank you for sharing it! 11 Mar 2012
# 12
[Recipe author]
flowers, the first time I did this pickle and I stuffed leaves. But when it had to take out, some torn / use jars of 400 ml and baby jars because other family members are not much cabbage :) /. Since then roll them, the direction of winding is opposite to that normally use in winding leafs - preplashtam leaves delicate, thin side of the sheet to the base, then alternately on both sides and roll up to the base / but explained it! :) / 11 Mar 2012
# 11
It is important that the water in the baking pan so as to fully cover cap and a very small part of the jar (not more than one centimeter).11 Mar 2012
# 10
Ina, I turn on the oven to 150 degrees. Other canned know thus make and sour (pickled) cucumbers - while slightly change color, but I have not tried. I ate cucumbers and such are very tasty, crispy persist. 11 Mar 2012
# 9
[Recipe author]
Milenka, bowled me with this way of preserving :) I read somewhere something, but I do not remember where. Orientation - how "low" are the degrees? And can thus be sterilized and other canned? 11 Mar 2012
# 8
Each year The rest cabbage so keep it very often surprised guests with stuffed cabbage, especially in a cooler summer day. Snuggle rolls well and they let their juice, but if necessary pour a little cabbage soup. Arrange jars with cap down in the baking pan on the stove, put some water in a little baking pan and turn the oven on low degrees after warm them leave for about 20 minutes, then shut off, let them cool and ... in a cool cellar . A great way to conserve sauerkraut! 11 Mar 2012
# 7
Ina you so nice to arrange them in a jar that you pity them open, orderly person, I stuffed them all indiscriminately leaves all the way and broth and released outward. Today I loaded drums with new sprouts becoming it away in jars and summer and eat stuffed vine leaves. 10 Mar 2012
# 6
[Recipe author]
Elitsa, of course it can.10 Mar 2012
# 5
Can not a cabbage soup?10 Mar 2012
# 4
[Recipe author]
flowers, I'm not put extra neither water nor cabbage juice. But sometimes you have the addition of a little liquid and preferably be slightly salted / if the sauerkraut is quite salty /. You just have to judge according to the situation. 10 Mar 2012
# 3
Ina why are flooded with lightly salted water, the cabbage is sufficiently acidic and salty, I put them in a jar with nothing, sealed and sterilized for 20 minutes.10 Mar 2012
# 2
[Recipe author]
This spring I was pretty sauerkraut, so there was a tin CUT cabbage, and sterilized leaves.10 Mar 2012
# 1
Until now I have not thought to do so cabbage leaves. Thank you. 15 Jan 2011
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