Winter roll

300-400 g puff pastry
300 g sauerkraut
80 g rice
4 Bavarian sausage or other sausage or skinless sausages
1/2 onion
2 tbsp slodko-spicy mustard
1 yolk for brushing
Winter roll
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In a suitable vessel with the optimum amount of water is boiled rice. Sauerkraut, chopped stew very well - boil in a small amount of water until tender, periodically at issuing add hot water. Onions is cleaned and cut into small pieces. 3aparzhva gently in a little oil. In the same vessel is added sauerkraut, cooked rice, salt, mustard, mixed, and the mixture was allowed to cool. dough expands a rectangle approximately 40h30sm. In the manner of the middle layer of the cooled mixture, the sausages on it (in this case - two by two), covered successively with the remaining mixture, as far as possible and also sharp, so that they remain in the environment and the resulting pile is screwed with the dough by what a fraction is separated from her cut figurines (what - entirely personal choice), which rank top. It's like a package together with the paper (which was wrapped dough) is transferred and placed in a mold with dimensions 20h10h7sm. Smeared with egg yolk with a few drops of sunflower oil and hot water. Bake middle BBQ, 200 C. When it is ready, almost immediately removed from the mold and cooled on a wire rack. Serve warm. Matches beer, red wine or kefir.
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15 Mar 2009


very good looking is roll :)

Looks tasty, well done, thanks for the idea.