1 kg leaves samardala
1 kg salt
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Leaves of samardala thoroughly wash, dry and leave to stand for one day. Grind machine with a meat blender or a slurry and mixed with salt in a ratio of 1: 1. Then spread on a tray and leave to dry in a well ventilated area, stirring occasionally. When the well is dry, can be further bold with a blender and stored in glass containers and opaque because of light samardalata loses its green color. This is a great seasoning for tomatoes, cucumbers, boiled potatoes , toast with butter, chicken, roasted mushrooms. Samardalata is indispensable spice for Easter eggs and lamb. For plant scientists said Nectaroscordum siculum ssp. bulgaricum. First name translated from Greek means nektarov garlic, which in English has resulted in Honey Garlic - garlic copper. In some languages ​​are used and the corresponding translation in Bulgarian Bulgarian onions or garlic, although samardalata be found in Romania, Moldova, peninsula Crimea, the Caucasus and Turkey.
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02 Apr 2009


me a lot and likes samardalata :), although there is little specific taste. Do not stay without it :) sale it, and in packets, but there is a small petals and personally I do not like. The best I've eaten is Bachkovo, and go there to buy 4-5 solnichki.

You for what dishes use-samardalata?

On salads mostly

,, In Bulgaria samardalata (chives), as a spice is - distributed in Sliven, Stara Zagora Region, Strandja and Sunny Beach over the area ... Other, no less effective way is samardala strands to be cut with a knife or scissors into small pieces (0. 5 cm). Stir with a greater amount of salt (because of its hygroscopicity). After drying, the dry mass can satiate a sieve flour if desired to reduce salinity. Itself spice is ground manually. Store in tightly sealed jars and best in opaque containers. Over time, a slight lost initially bright green color, but the storage of dark slows the process. Despite fading taste remains exactly the same, specific and wonderful. ,,