Stewed lamb with mushrooms

2 kg lamb leg or shoulder
300 g mushrooms
1 carrot
200 g sterilized tomatoes
300 ml beer
10 ml soy sauce
50 g of cognac (brandy, brandy)
100 ml sunflower oil
500 ml water
1 sprig lovage
7 mint leaves
1 bunch green onions
7 leaves lopush (rhubarb, spinach or other)
salt and pepper
The meat is washed under running water and put it as a whole boil in a deep pan with water. Additionally pouring cognac. After the boil was allowed to boil for another 20 minutes after which the water is discharged, and the meat is removed in the plate. Peel onion stalks, roots cleaned, washed and cut into rings. Mushrooms are washed very well, allowed purposes. Carrot scraped, washed and cut into rings. Lopush leaves are washed one by one and are finely chopped. In casseroles are loaded carefully vegetables make up water. Beer put all, add the tomatoes, salt, soy sauce and green spices, chopped. Top put meat. Soup was capped and bake in a moderately heated oven 180 C for 90-100 minutes. Ten minutes before shutdown is othlupva and left to catch the crust. Portions are loaded into deep plates by cutting meat taken from the vegetables and sauce.
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02 May 2009
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Sounds good! Bravo!