Jam watermelon peel

1,4 kg watermelon peel
1 kg of sugar
1 tsp (5 g) tartaric acid
1 liter of water
Jam watermelon peel
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Watermelon peel clean the outside part green and pink inside. Grate in large pieces grater or cut into shapes. Boiled in boiling water for 3 to 5 min after each cooking are put in cold water. 3 times cooked watermelon peel drain placed in concentrated sugar syrup. Sweet boil until svaryaevane fetal and thicken the syrup. A solution in hot water and tartaric acid indrisheto, then boiling is continued for 2-3 minutes. Boiled sweet allowed to stand for 5-6 hours in effuse pan, then pour into jars. This cute granted much, and therefore its syrup must be fully compressed.
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01 Dec 2002


I put him citric acid and vanilla.

cooked peel put in hot sugar syrup for four hours. Brew them for 10 minutes and again are kept for 4 hours. Then boil until thickened. Like Zlatina put citric acid and vanilla.

I made this sweet and it was very nice. You can see the pictures. Parchentsata crusts became as stakaltsa transparent. Super is.

long he was going to this sweet and finally did it! We like! Try it and you!

Girls indrisheto do you need to put. I do not have anywhere to get here, and besides, the other name of indrisheto, geranium or is it not?

Not necessarily geranium it put on fragrance I put candy licorice or delight chopped into small pieces. Pelargonium and geranium are two different razteniya. Indrisheto put in konpoti geranium and sweet while not used in cooking.

Sissy, you can safely do without geranium. I Never put flavor in sweet, jam or compote. Lost to the taste of the fruit from which they are made. I can not perceive sweet cherries with vanilla, geranium in fig jam, cinnamon sweet plum !? I do not like such things forged. But you will see that sweet of watermelon peels has a very pleasant and specific taste and I hope you enjoy the

most lastly made sweet this summer but Candied very quickly. What have I done wrong?

I used the recipe of a woman of culinary group and because the recipe is almost the same upload picture here, not create a new recipe. The difference is that there is a geranium essence rum, everything else is. I loved this sweet

I forgot to say and citric acid, do not know whether tartaric and citric acid is the same

Hello, how jar out above below this amount of products?