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Walnut lokumki
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Added by steffanell
  • Add to shopping list250 g sweetened yogurt
  • Add to shopping list250 g lard
  • Add to shopping list500 g flour
  • Add to shopping listegg 1
  • Add to shopping list1 tsp ammonia soda
  • Add to shopping listdelight
  • Add to shopping listwalnuts
  • Add to shopping listvanilla sugar
Preparation method
Mix milk with shattered it hartshorn and melted lard, add the egg and flour and mix a soft dough. Divide a few balls and leave for 1 hour in refrigerator. Of each ball rolled crust, sprinkle with walnuts and a rolling pin lightly pressed into the cortex, so that little sink in it. Sheet turns so the walnuts remain underneath. Cut out rectangles or circles, in every place on a piece of Turkish delight and screwed (the walnuts on the outside). Bake in a moderate oven and still warm sprinkle with vanilla or lemon icing sugar.
Published by by BABY on 28 October 2008
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[I cooked this]
These are the -hubavite lokumki I ate.Prepare very easy because no lard, use cow lard, flour took about 650 grams.Stuffed with Turkish delight and sweet oranges from Конфитюр orange peel with Gelfix Extra 21 as you blend, to get great flavor.Lokumki amazing.Great thanks for the recipe.
[I cooked this]
6 Oct 2013
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