Turkish delight - simple

1.2 kg sugar
180 g starch
1.4 liters of water
powdered sugar
Mix all ingredients. The mixture is brought to the heat and stir with a wooden spoon. When thickened, was added little limontozu and stirring was continued. The mixture is ready, if squeezing not stick fingers. Pour into the pan and cut as cool completely. Each piece add some icing sugar.
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05 Oct 2007


super is shtego do

Blaga, hope lokumcheto appeal to you.

Thanks for shared recipe! To favorites is!

kami, will be glad if lokumcheto your liking.

And a little nuts if put ... :) I'll try it.

BABY, if put nuts and will get straight fantasy.

Turkish delight made by na4in described, but once you roll in powdered sugar and put it in the box after a 4as wet-why

natalija, I usually wait to cool very nice, sometimes I leave it all night and the next day cut, leave little pieces poizprahnat where CUT and only then the Roll in sugar. I hope I have been helpful and is not too late to reply.

thank you for the advice

I did it with starch strawberry after it cut it immediately powdered you - is wet. Other pieces left to izprahnat rosle powdering them :) I hope happens.