Dessert with ice cream biscuits

Submitted by enr on 10 Apr 2009
4-5 tbsp honey
2 packages dry cream (flavor of your choice)
200 ml milk
2 tbsp cocoa or coffee
2 eggs
1 package ordinary biscuits (of your choice)
Dessert with ice cream biscuits
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Allow the milk to boil and warm and put 2 eggs. Pour a and 3 spoons of honey with stirring continuously for 2 minutes so as not to clog the eggs. Then place in a large bowl and milk little by little sachets and dry regarded as the beat with a mixer. Put 2 tablespoons of cocoa or coffee and 2 tablespoons of honey mixed with pre-melted 1 tbsp butter. Continue to beat with a mixer. Pour a 1 or more cookies (depending on the size of the container) so as to cover the bottom and pour the mixture (as is allowed for at least the upper part). Place biscuits and top with remaining mixture is covered and decorates of your choice. The ready dessert one night left in the freezer and consumed the next day.
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10 Apr 2009


Gigi and freeze up? And to ask - what is creamer and how big packages?

Oh how I missed .. To freeze in January I left it overnight in the freezer .. Well dry cream is cream powder (where this break it with fresh milk). And for packages not know the exact weight, Mila, but I do not think that will be a problem to find. Just ask for creamer in the store and choose taste.

:-) Cream here no. For 18 years I have not seen even once. You'll have to look at what can be replaced. So I wanted to know the weight. Thank you for the prompt response! Lit me on this recipe!

One package creamer is 50g. Gigi, I think that if you put the eggs in boiling eg. Milk will cross ... Biscuits two lines you are?

Yes. Well yes! The first time it istavih to a fresh to Shake and truly crossed. So the second time I tried to meddle constantly and became number. Should a stirring briskly without stopping two moments and then izkluchvash stove without leave to Shake yet.

Thank you, Reni! At the risk you bored - what is written on the package, how much milk is diluted in general? If more than 100ml, then I can put regular normal amount of cream and boil it until the total amount remain 200ml. This will thicken.

I've had various different types of instruction (most written 100-150-200) .. But more May 100ml. I always break with 100-120 ml. and so is the better.

Under the name of the recipe has the option Edit recipe. Enter and edit that freeze and for how long. Do not read all the comments.

If you do not find dry cream, try ice cream powder.

Rally, I can not believe that in German no creamer. It seems to me that I've seen of Dr. Oetker.

Surely not, Ole, Dr. Oetker or anyone - some products are only for certain countries. And milk nowhere. Apparently the market does not require them here. I do not know.