Compote without boiling

soft fruit - raspberries, strawberries, cherries, apricots, peaches
5 tbsp (50 g) sugar
Compote without boiling
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Fruits (must be soft) are placed in a 1-liter jar and fill with water. The water is then returned to the court on the stove and add the sugar. After the boil, pour the fruits in a jar and sealed with a hot cap. Turns and stays so until cool completely. The amounts in this recipe are for 1 liter jar. You can use brown sugar instead of plain.
Very easy
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12 Aug 2007


Well done, great recipe! Compotes made from apples and peaches. Become very delicious!

Well how much time are in a jar with hot water you pour shte try with a great deal looks delicious

Blaga, it is written after the water boils it pour fruit stand inverted until cool. When something cool closed, vacuum forming as liquid and air reduced in size by lowering the temperature. So vacuumized, ie consistently. As cooked sauces stored at least one year.

Great recipe. For the first time do compote, it becomes easy and fast. Already opened the first jar and is delicious.

Last year and this also put compotes in this recipe. Very nice got up and held all winter without a problem. It's very easy recipe, because it put small amounts, depending on how many fruits have ripened. So jar jar in his charge imperceptibly shelves :)