Beef stew

700 g veal shanks or breasts
Chapter 1 (50 g) onion
2 (100 g) carrots
1/2 head (50 g) celery
1-2 magdanozovi roots
2 (100 g) potatoes
2-3 (150 g) tomatoes
60 g butter
Beef stew
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Knuckle is hammered, pour cold water and put on high heat until boil. Harvest the foam and add a little salt. Then continue cooking on low heat, as in the broth add the carrots, celery and magdanozovite roots, cut into cubes, and onion, finely chopped. When the meat is tender, put the potatoes, cut into chunks, and after 15-20 minutes, add the tomatoes, coarsely chopped. After removal of the container from heat and add the butter. When serving on each plate put the meat and pour the broth and top sprinkle chopped parsley. In a separate bowl put grated horseradish, seasoned with vinegar and salt to taste.
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01 Dec 2002


Everything is ok, but I do not agree with tomatoes, they will muddy the broth, and we all know that is boiled with clear broth, right!

Yes, indeed, she tomatoes don go here again and horseradish is a little strange - maybe it is delicious ?!

As you strange recipe is exactly tomatoes, coarsely chopped, not at all muddy broth. Horseradish is binding.

With or without tomato stew is really cool.

In this soup all put a whole - small potatoes, onions / crevices small cross / targets small carrots, whole tomatoes. It is very beautiful and delicious.

I think horseradish put in the soup.

Horseradish is compulsory, but tomatoes first hear to put in boiled.

I do not do beef cooked with tomatoes!

Horseradish is optional As a student I worked in the then famous P-ie Bulgaria, no horseradish on the table, customers not going to eat.

With tomatoes becomes delicious

matter of taste, for us as tomatoes spoil the whole recipe!

tomatoes potchti finally put it peeled. And lacking a little parsnip root.

Instead tomatoes put royal cabbage pickled vegetables (pickled bell peppers, cauliflower, carrot, celery, cabbage / without krastavi4ki) and necessarily pashtyarnyak if put pove4e cabbage and add grated beets 4erveno and finally built with cream will polu4im 4udesen Russian borscht!

One of our favorite soups, but my family did not put tomatoes. The broth is clear!

who, as you do, so you will eat it! The important thing is that this is one of the Queens of soups!

I pryv ROUTES hear about horseradish and tomato stew in to but still not sure about Sym horseradish. I know you put a bay leaf yet, pepper and allspice plus your spices. But of all the recipes come out with new versions - will try your

Try putting the onion baked in advance. The taste and aroma are very different and the broth becomes divine. Roasted onions put all clear broths, including when I fricassee.

As a student I worked in rathskeller *Bulgaria*, which was in the basement of the shop with the same name. Boiled beef there was one of the specialties. One of the small secrets of the local broth was clear that the bones are roasted before being put in the cold yet still where they were already celery and carrots. Luke had previously been roasted in the oven and cut, whole chapters. When the soup was already sufficiently boiled, put the meat is harvested from bone or beef brisket. The rule was that the bones are put baked in cold water, and the meat went into the boiling cauldron enough to boil. Then it should be applied only peeled potatoes. Tomatoes do not remember to be put into. Always served with a slice of lemon and parsley. This recipe is a favorite family dish for decades. Try and you will not regret it.

I do not put tomatoes. To clear broth first brew one hour bones, at least one hour the meat on low heat / until slightly soft / regular antifoaming, strain the broth and only then begin to add vegetables / whole or in large pieces /, depending on how time is required for each vegetable to boil without banging. Put 1 and pepper, bay leaf and pepper grains.