Cheese with ham Breaded

600 g cheese
250 g ham
6-7 tbsp flour
100 g breadcrumbs
2 eggs
Cheese with ham Breaded
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Cheese and ham cut into equal rectangular pieces, pieces of ham are a bit more thinner than cheese. Between two pieces of cheese is placed on a piece of ham, to give a kind of sandwiches are immersed sequentially in cold water, then in the flour, then in the beaten eggs and finally in breadcrumbs. Place for 10-15 minutes in the freezer. Fry in a highly preheated oil.
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27 Nov 2010


Milencha yesterday before additions recipe I saw it and made it, that we had kids party :) In a hurry I forgot to snimam- made them into triangular pieces apart and were delicious and beautiful. And ate of warm :)

What use cheese that you do not snag. I tried with 2-3 type and still snag when frying. In camera I held him, and I did a double breading and still.

I use cheese that is specifically for the panel, but do not know whether it is located in BG- there and cheese, which is specifically for a batter. Best Milencha say it with what it :)

What is important is to cheese is hard and must be put in the freezer immediately before frying so it freezes and fry fails to leak. Annie, I'm glad you liked the recipe, of course, that can be cut into different shapes. And my daughter loved it!

Annie, I recipe I had written a whole, but I put quotes a word and she was gone.

sure will try.

Enjoy your meal!