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Cherry compote
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Difficulty: Average
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Added by korneliq
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Preparation method
Sour cherries are cleaned from the stems without tearing the flesh part. Washed and poured into jars, about 1/3 of the volume of the jar. In each jar was placed in 6-7 tbsp sugar and water was poured to the neck of the jar. Closed with caps and sterilize 15 minutes.

Another option is to prepare: cherries to pour the hot sugar syrup - to 1 liter of water is added 1.5 kg of sugar - boil to dissolve the sugar. With this amount of sugar syrup is poured over 7-8 jar of 800 g (type Omnia). Capped and sterilized 15 minutes.

The sterilized jars are removed carefully and turn the cap down. When completely cool face.
Published by by korneliq on 25 June 2009
Source: Fruits and vegetables all year round
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