Colorful potato salad with mayonnaise and puree

1 kg potatoes
400 g frozen vegetable mix - peas, carrots, corn
1 jar (800 g) pickles
100 g of ham, cut into small cubes
100 g cheese cut into small cubes
250 g puree, seasoned with garlic powder
200 g mayonnaise
Colorful potato salad with mayonnaise and puree
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Cook potatoes, peel and cut into cubes. Vegetable mix boil in boiling salted water for 3-4 moments. Then strain through a colander. In a deep bowl mix the diced potatoes, vegetables and add salt to taste. Mix well, then finely and pickles. Add the ham and cheese. To the mixture is put puree and mayonnaise and mix everything well. If necessary, add more salt. The salad is placed in a refrigerator for 30 minutes before consumption.
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27 Sep 2009


Delicious salad, put in favorites! Bravo Rossi and photos :)

Thanks, Maggie and I like their salad :)

Bravo! Goes to favorites.

salad is divine inspiration! I really like though you golemichka tbsp.

struvami very apetitno- already in favorites! On Saturday, the 6 guests and I will make it, but I vapros what puree? not alone used it.

Katuk is a blend of cow's or sheep's milk / drained / cheese, garlic / wish / and melted butter.

Yes it is a puree. Company tone produced such ordinary puree and garlic. It is very nice otherwise and grandmothers of the village do :) And I'm making them well worth it.

This is a puree of today. Puree is true sheep milk curdled with brined sheep cheese. The taste is unique and modern products can not be compared with him!

bravo Rossi recipe you as always very nice

Rossi, what pictures! Bravo! I have no words, just everything is great ...

Thank you, girls. The salad is the same in all pictures just decoration is different. Glad you like. P. P Rally, how are you, dear? Write to me if you want Message.