Fast pickle - II type

# Marina 2 jar of 3 liters:
3 liters of water
6 tbsp coarse salt
1 cup vinegar
# vegetables of your choice:
green tomatoes
peppers - the most suitable are yellow, but maybe green
other of your choice
Fast pickle - II type
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At the bottom of the jars are placed branches celery. On them are the targets riddled green tomatoes, cauliflower florets choppy cut two carrots, green peppers, slightly cracked on the tip. Who loves what, in the middle and at the top of the jar put again celery seedlings. Prepare the brine, by placing water and salt to a boil. Once the boil pour the vinegar, stir and removed from the heat and immediately pour the cooked with vegetables jars. Closed with caps. 2-3 days the jars were turned up and down 1-2 times a day. Pickles are ready in a few days. I used to do a large amount and when it is ready part of her cross with sodium benzoate, be not very sour for the winter.
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22 Oct 2008


pepolina adore this pickle. Will try it. In Favorites goes.

Blaga, pickles hopefully appeal to you.

Oh no doubt look very good. Thank you for the answer.

Pepi how sodium benzoate put a 3 liter jar? A compote?

desislava76, 3 liter jar put one in. L benzoate, in compote I have not done and I can not tell you how much you should put. Last year, crossing this pickle with preservatives Oetker, put in instructions on the package and get a lot better.

Pepi thank you.

desislava76, nothing. Hope pickles appeal to you.

Hello, Pepi. Located in Spain and have no sodium benzoate, okay with asperin and how a three-liter jar

shukarcho, hello! I have not done with aspirin, because houses are all with problem stomachs and avoid aspirin. But if pickles consumed for - a short time (because as I do, I try to have at least to February) can not put benzoate. May become a little - Kiselichki, but if you do not like very sour'll wash it with some clean some water before consumption. I hope I've been helpful. It is better to make it as late as possible to your stand on - a long time. Greetings and good luck!

Thanks, I'll try the first floor with a small amount of how shte izdarzhi.

Tsako, try and see, but as I wrote pickles will last, but will become quite acidic without crossing otherwise nothing happened.

hello I want to ask you clean the peppers from seed and jars only turned for a moment and leave normal or given to turn and stand with caps below

georgi456 hello Peppers is not clear from semetor and put purposes only rip lightly salted 1 cm from the tip jars let alone to turn up and down and left normally just be shaken

now that verse when do I have to say two words - the recipe is greatas a time of grandmother

georgi456, I'm glad you liked tursheyata :)

Turshiykata is great. Do you sweet!

Andriana455 ,, I'm glad you like it!