Festive lamb

1 lamb
1 kg plucks
3 bunches green onions
300 g walnuts
500 g mushrooms
1 cup sunflower oil
parsley, thyme, salt, paprika, pepper, cumin
1 kg flour
Lamb cleaned and rub with salt, pepper and sunflower oil from the inside and from the outside. Giblets are cooked in salted water and finely chopped. Stew green onions and mushrooms, chopped, along with spices and kernels. The resulting mixture is filled lamb and sutured. Flour, salt and a little water knead dough, roll it thin crust. It is wrapped lamb and baked overnight low oven in the morning ready. Thus was prepared the previous day.
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25 Mar 2009


Stuffed lamb, mmm ... Only that we add to this stuffing and a little rice.

Mariana, very interesting recipe! First hear roast lamb in pastry. Which end of the BG is the recipe? I think it a try, but with stuffed shoulder - I hope to be ...

This is great. Jump melts in your mouth. My mother in law even it bake in the oven, built of stones in the yard. At least 1-2 hours hot oven and then put the pan with the lamb, as describe Mariyanka and really bake all night. Something is fantastic. Mariyanka Bravo!

I remember little of that my mother even turkey so pregotvya. Easter came filled lambs, and there are private bakeries and there are worn and may instead mushrooms, rice is put.

For stuffed lamb shoulder or think only improves rice eating. Best - when it is baked in an oven built in the yard.

Do I need to curry favor baking pan not burn the dough or not?