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Horticultural stew meat
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Added by ivasa
  • Add to shopping list1 kg lamb with bone or beef or pork
  • Add to shopping list200 g green beans
  • Add to shopping list200 g peas
  • Add to shopping list10 chapters onions
  • Add to shopping list30 g butter
  • Add to shopping list3-4 branches of parsley
  • Add to shopping list3-4 carrots
  • Add to shopping list2 potatoes
  • Add to shopping list2 scallions
  • Add to shopping list3-4 tbsp sunflower oil
  • Add to shopping list1 tbsp thyme
  • Add to shopping list3-4 tbsp tomato paste
  • Add to shopping listsalt
Preparation method
The meat is cut into pieces and fry in hot sunflower oil. After 2-3 minutes, stir and after change color, subtract a plate. In the same fat melts a little butter and put coarsely chopped onion. Once softened, add the carrots, cut into rings onion sets and tomato paste. Mix. Returns the meat and pour hot water, so as to cover the products. Salt. Once the boil, stew dish 30 minutes. Put diced potatoes and stew for another 20 minutes. Add peas and beans. Make some hot water stews another 10-15 minutes. Finally, seasoned with thyme and parsley and serve.
Published by by milniq on 31 January 2009
Source: www.hamhum.net
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The meal was very tasty! 5 Nov 2014
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I had beans and onions, but still get a very tasty dish.
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9 Aug 2014
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This is the great stew! Do it with pork or beef, but I prefer pork, only the woman should know :)
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2 Feb 2014
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