Italian coffee Cappuccino

1/4 cup (50 ml) coffee (napita)
1/4 cup (50 ml) milk
1 tsp (5 g) cocoa
Italian coffee Cappuccino
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Coffee add warm milk and sprinkle with cocoa.
Very easy
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01 Dec 2002


Never put cocoa cappuccino. First boil the milk steamed and then dose espresso can be sprinkled with a little cinnamon.

Yeah yeah. Cappuccino is made with specially prepared espresso and milk foam.

I live in Italy and drink cappuccino every day. First put the coffee (the right length, as they drink it). Boil milk and pour only the foam on the coffee. Always ask if you want cocoa. Thus preparing cappuccino good here.

I support milena.

I work with cafes but not always with me froth milk what technology can someone tell me

technology consists of several important components: Nice, whole milk is chilled to 3-5 C
Good latiera - court which stiymva (made of milk foam)
Good Stiymar machine, it is necessary to mashinata has risen pressure before proceeding to Steam to run briefly to remove water until it begins to run only steam, then placed latierata milk (milk level must be exactly half of the vessel, then stiymara be fixed at about 1-2 mm. distance from the level of the milk and the steam is released (rapidly, respecting not overheated milk and also to obtain a rotational movement of the liquid to obtain the maximum fine and stable foam), when we finish with Steam stiymara stop waiting for the steam to a complete stop and then remove latierata! We have already completed the foam, the next thing to do is podchukne bottom of the container on the counter and then do rotary motion with the court and again podchuknem several times until no bubbles The Great, in that CASE is received perfect foam for cappuccino, latte macchiato, etc ... Hadyavam to've helped, good luck! :)

missed just write that one of the most important things is to not warm Mlaka more than 55-60 ° C, since milk has taste (eg. NATURAL sweetness), which disappears with steam at high temperatuva of this, it is also important for a good cappuccino can be drunk immediately after serving without danger of burning tongue ...

At home I do ,, ,, foam beating a little cold whole milk machine, the foam becomes thick like cream! You and low-fat milk! Image Milk is 45 kilocalories! Call forth and photos.

Yes, I understand, but this has nothing to do with cappuccino, nothing personal, but the truth is this ... Otherwise for home is! ;)