Jam peaches

1.5 kg peaches
1.5 kg sugar
1 tsp citric acid
Jam peaches
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Fruit thoroughly wash, halve is removed is pitted and peeled. Cut into slices, put it in the tray, which will be cooked jam and sprinkle with sugar. After a few hours (it all night) add 300 ml water and put on low heat. Not to be confused, just gently shake the container. Finally, the citric acid was added and after a few minutes of removing it from the fire. Is poured into hot jars and sterilized for 5 minutes.
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10 Jul 2009


A sugar is not a little more than pryabva? Will do with - little and I think it will be well. Thanks for the recipe.

depends on the variety and peaches. For sure I always sterilize jars. So nothing prevents the sugar be reduced based on the taste of the cook. I wish you success and your meal!

people so why sugar 1kam1 I na6kg peaches put 1 kg at most 1, 5 kg of sugar depends on how sweet and ripe peaches and still grumble at home it is very sweet.

This year I made jam in a ratio of 1 kg of fruit-0, 5 kg of sugar. In various sources this ratio is different. Somewhere 1: 1, elsewhere - per kg of fruit - 350 g sugar. Obviously depends on the ripeness and sweetness of the product, especially the preference of the drinkers. This time not sterilized and poured jam in preheated dry jars, closed and turned. Upload a photo of jam prepared with gel fixe, according to the indication on the packaging.

Peaches easiest to peel, as a dip for a few minutes in boiling water and then bathe immediately or placed in cold water.