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Layered cake Garash
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Added by deskata555
Photo 321
  • Add to shopping list7 eggs
  • Add to shopping list300 g sugar
  • Add to shopping list250 g butter
  • Add to shopping list2 tbsp (20 g) cocoa
  • Add to shopping list300 g walnuts
  • Add to shopping list50 g chocolate or almonds
  • Add to shopping list2-3 tbsp rum optional
  • Add to shopping list1 vanilla optional
Preparation method
The butter was stirred with the sugar and add to it one by one the yolks, while stirring continuously. Add cocoa, optional can add the rum and vanilla, and paid half of the mixture for topping. To the other half is added minced meat walnuts and beaten egg whites. Pour the mixture into greased with butter and sprinkled with flour baking dish, bake in moderate oven about 30 minutes. The base is put into the cake pan, greased on top and sides with topping and garnish optional with grated chocolate or roasted almonds.
Published by on 27 January 2003
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# 19
[I cooked this]
And my glaze obtain the same as in the description of tassabassa, but it does not really matter. =)
[I cooked this]
8 Feb 2014
# 18
I want to ask this part that is left for topping, it is covered finished base, but there are still raw yolks to the butter and sugar3 Jan 2014
# 17
I ask only one cake layer you? Do not you cut? Thank predvartelno! 27 Oct 2013
# 16
tassabassa -Never cake I did, but I had failed to cocoa. When I did not get the desired color, do not use pure cocoa. I have a question. What is the size of the form in which it is baked marshes. Thank you. 23 Nov 2011
# 15
My glaze did not get as the picture is not even dark brown and beige. Could you tell me how to do this glaze, as it is not described in detail. Thank you! 21 Jul 2011
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every year I'm doing it for rozhedniya day and aircraft. Time show-stealing. I do not think to experiment with other
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2 Dec 2010
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cake really seems to be tasty and good but in no way is a station-original21 Mar 2009
# 12
Ico Bravo! Beautiful cake you did, the picture is wonderful. 20 Mar 2009
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[I cooked this]
cake really became great and is very easy. I do not do well with sweets, but this recipe is perfect.
[I cooked this]
22 Feb 2008
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(not registered)
I love this cake. Has great taste. 3 Sep 2006
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long looking for her this recipe Bravos, very Goth.27 Feb 2006
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Today I made it and just tried the first piece. Is great! Fast, easy and delicious recipe.
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25 Dec 2005
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At the moment the heat marshes and cream is incredibly delicious. The end result will be superb! 10 Dec 2005
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The cake is an enchanting magical, delightful! Compliments on the site! 2 Feb 2005
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Cake is the greatest in the world. Classic cakes. 5 Oct 2004
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Super cake!25 Mar 2004
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Very tasty cake. This page is also very good - fast and accessible, easily searchable. 6 Nov 2003
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Great cake, it was delicious.12 Jun 2003
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recipe is superb. The page also - keep that.
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21 Apr 2003
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